July CULAC Fundraising Lifts Northwest Towards Goals

View the NWCUA’s interactive fundraising trackers on the CULAC website.

Results from July’s CULAC fundraising campaigns are pouring in. “Both Washington and Oregon have seen increases in giving in 2014 and we are on track to have a very successful year,” said Samantha Beeler, political and grassroots manager for the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA).

A big thanks to the 43 credit unions in the Northwest who have participated in CULAC fundraising so far this year, and to those who have campaigns scheduled in the coming months.

This week the NWCUA unveiled new tracking thermometers on the CULAC website to help credit unions in Washington and Oregon track their progress towards state fundraising goals. So far Washington is at 48% and Oregon is up to 66%.

In the coming weeks we will feature a few success stories from this year’s CULAC Month efforts in both states. This week we begin with OSU Federal and the success they have seen from matching employee contributions to CULAC with donations to Credit Unions for Kids (CU4K). The credit union’s staff raised about $15,000 the first year, and $16,000 the following year, all of which was matched dollar for dollar with donations to CU4K.

This year they continued the matching program and raised $20,366 for CULAC, which means a donation of the same amount will go to CU4K to support the children’s hospitals at Doernbecher and Sacred Heart. Thanks to a second match from CO-OP Financial Services in 2012 and 2013, which maxed out at $10,000 each year, total CU4K donations since they started the campaign will top $70,000 this year.

CULAC is a political action committee dedicated to electing federal legislators who champion the credit union cause. “Helping elect credit union champions is an important part of ensuring our industry’s future,” said Beeler.

The PAC remains consistently bipartisan. So far this year 49.9% of CULAC’s contributions have gone to Democrats, another 49.9% to Republicans, and the remaining 0.2% to Independents. CULAC has raised $1.33 million this year to date, and $3.48 million for the 2013-2014 election cycle.

“It’s our responsibility,” said Beeler, “to ensure that the 100 million credit union members in America are heard on Capitol Hill, and CULAC helps us accomplish that.”

For more information about CULAC please visit the website or e-mail Samantha Beeler, sbeeler@nwcua.org.

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