Heroes of Hope Credit Unions for Kids Auction: Call for Donations – Deadline Extended!

Update: The deadline to get your auction donations in has been extended to September 26. Please fill out your donation form ASAP and drop your items at any of the drop-off points by that date. If you miss that deadline, please bring your items to Amplify!

Sick children and their families envision superheroes when they think about the medical staff, research, hospitals and communities that come together to get them through their ordeal.

Superheroes are at work behind the scenes to set the stage for Heroes of Hope: A Gala in Spokane City — the Northwest Credit Union Association’s dinner and auction benefitting Credit Unions for Kids. The semi formal event takes place on October 8 during Amplify Convention in Spokane.

“Thanks to a hard working and creative committee of credit union volunteers, the auction is taking shape beautifully,” said Jamie Dedmon, NWCUA community manager. “Now all we need are auction items so amazing they trigger fun bidding wars.”

“A great auction item is one which appeals to a lot of people and isn’t something they can easily acquire on their own. People tend to be more willing to bid beyond the value for those items which helps us raise more money for the kids,” said committee member Kim Sajovic of OnPoint Community Credit Union.

Examples include autographed music and sports memorabilia, electronics, group beer/wine tastings, family cultural experiences, flight packages, jewelry, gift cards, gift certificates and trips.

According to Dedmon, donations can come in the form of a physical item, cash, gift cards and gift certificates. Complete donation instructions are posted on the auction website. Each item needs a completed donation procurement form. The auction committee has arranged convenient drop off points, and Dedmon added items can also be mailed to the NWCUA Oregon or Washington Association office, or delivered during Amplify. Most importantly, don’t delay. Donation procurement forms should be completed by Friday, September 12.

“Our credit union community has always been so generous with their donations,” said Dedmon. “We look forward to a fun evening where some friendly bidding wars will culminate in some serious fundraising to benefit the kids.”

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