Washington, Oregon Credit Unions Show Loan, Membership, ROAA Growth

A new analysis of Oregon and Washington data by the National Credit Union Administration measures several key performance areas, including loan and membership growth, in the 12 months ending March 31, 2014.

Highlights of the new data include:

Annual Loan Growth:

Washington credit unions posted 10.3 percent growth, while Oregon credit unions show an increase of 7.7 percent. The national loan growth was 8.8 percent, up considerably from the 4.9 percent posted in the 12 months ending March 31, 2013. Idaho credit unions posted the highest annual loan growth at 17.7 percent.

Membership Growth:

Nationally, membership in federally insured credit unions rose 2.6 percent to 97.1 million members. Oregon posted a 4.6 percent membership gain, Washington credit union membership rose 3.3 percent, and Idaho led the nation, growing credit union membership 8.7 percent.

Return on Average Assets:

Nationally the return on average assets (ROAA) at federally insured credit unions was 78 basis points compared to 83 basis points the previous year. Oregon’s return on average assets was 70 basis points and Washington’s return was 90 basis points.

Annual Asset Growth:

Total asset growth at federally insured credit unions slowed in the year ending on March 31. Nationally, total assets grew 4.0 percent, Oregon credit unions’ annual asset growth stood at 4.6 percent, and Washington credit unions posted 5.9 percent gains, the fifth strongest performance in the nation. This is another category in which Idaho credit unions show the fastest growth at 8.9 percent.

Delinquency Rate:

The delinquency rate at federally insured credit unions nationally continued to decline and stood at 0.8 percent nationally, 0.6 percent in Oregon and 0.5 percent in Washington.

The entire report is available online.

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