CUNA Names 18 Northwest Credit Union Leaders to National Committees, Task Forces

Three Northwest credit union leaders will chair CUNA committees in 2014: Debie Keesee will lead the Small Credit Union Committee; Susan Streifel will lead the Governmental Affairs Committee; and Scott Burgess will chair the State Credit Union Committee.

It doesn’t matter whether the issues affect small, community, state or federal credit unions, or whether the discussions focus on awards, payments, governmental affairs or housing finance reform. One thing is clear: Credit union leaders from Oregon and Washington will make sure Northwest voices are heard on the national stage when CUNA committees gather in 2014.

Eighteen Northwest credit union executives have been named to the committees, CUNA announced this month, and several will serve in leadership roles:

  • Debie Keesee, CEO of Spokane Media Federal credit union and chair of the Northwest Credit Union Association’s board of directors, will chair CUNA’s Small Credit Union Committee. She will also serve on the Governmental Affairs Committee;
  • Susan Streifel, president and CEO of Woodstone Credit Union, will chair the Governmental Affairs Committee and serve as vice chair of the Personnel Policies Committee. Streifel will also be a member of the Partnership Committee; and
  • Scott Burgess, president and CEO of Rivermark Community Credit Union, will chair the State Credit Union Subcommittee.

All 18 bring a passion for the credit union movement to their roles, including Bonnie Humphrey-Anderson, executive vice president and chief financial officer at OSU Federal, who will serve on the Community Credit Union Committee.

“It’s important to me be involved in the industry,” she says, “to ensure that it not only survives but that it also remains strong and relevant to our membership well into the future.”

Several Northwest executives will tackle specific topics, from awards and payments policy to examinations and audits. Carlyn Roy, CEO of TAPCO Credit Union, will use her background in mortgage lending to bring a unique perspective to the Housing Finance ReformTask Force.

“My role on the task force is to provide the perspective of the smaller credit union,” Roy says. “Even the largest of credit unions are small players in the total mortgage market. Small to mid-size credit unions are barely on the radar in that big picture. I am the sole task force member able to provide that perspective, and I am not shy about keeping the reality of the small credit union on the table.”

Roy says she can also serve as a liaison between CUNA and U.S. Rep. Denny Heck, with whom she communicates regularly. “We have a duty to ensure we have given voice to both positives and negatives in any proposed legislation,” Roy says. “While CUNA has a solid relationship with the congressman and his staff, I provide real perspective as a constituent. Our communication is two-way. Just as I provide perspective to them, they reciprocate with me.”

Numerica Credit Union President/CEO Carla Altepeter sees her role on the World Leadership Development Committee as a way to support credit unions around the globe.

“It is Numerica’s belief that as a credit union in the U.S. with abundant resources, particularly in comparison to credit unions in developing countries, we have the responsibility to use some of our resources to help credit union advancement throughout the world,” she says. “To this end, we have supported the outstanding work of WOCCU for many years. My participation on the World Leadership Development Committee is another way in which we give back to support credit unions worldwide. It is my pleasure to serve alongside other like-minded credit union leaders as we do this important work.”

And Salal Credit Union CEO Russ Rosendal views his spot on the Cooperative Alliances Committeeas a chance to “build partnerships with other cooperatives and help spread the cooperative mission.”

“Credit Unions can get valuable information about innovative ways to enhance member engagement by working with and studying other cooperative organizations,” Rosendal says. “I’m honored to serve as the Washington state representative on the Cooperative Alliances Committee, and I’m looking forward to working with the other committee members to achieve our goals.”

Other national committee appointments include:

  • Shirley Cate, president/CEO, Providence Federal Credit Union: Awards Committee
  • Kevin Cole, chief financial officer, Maps Credit Union: Payments Policy Subcommittee
  • Denise Gabel, chief operating officer, NWCUA: Cooperative Alliances Committee
  • Tom Griffith, CEO, Pacific NW Federal Credit Union: Examination & Supervision Subcommitte
  • Rick Hein, CEO, OSU Federal: Federal Credit Union Subcommitee
  • Doug Marshall, senior vice president for digitial channels and product management, BECU: Payments Policy Subcommittee
  • Jim Morrell, president/CEO, Peninsula Credit Union: Young Professionals Committee
  • Benson Porter, president/CEO, BECU: Governmental Affairs Committee
  • Teri Robinson, CEO, Pacific Northwest Ironworkers Federal Credit Union: Small Credit Union Committee
  • Troy Stang, president/CEO, NWCUA: Audit Committee
  • Rob Stuart, president/CEO, OnPoint Community Credit Union: National Credit Union Roundtable Advisory Council

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