Community Engagement in the New Age in Spotlight at NWCUA Marketers’ Conference

Credit unions have been all about communities since the first groups of workers pooled their money to make loans to co-workers.  That hasn’t changed. What has changed is that the digital age takes community-engagement outreach to a higher level almost instantly.

Amy Rosenberg, president of Portland-based Veracity, helps her clients create community-engagement plans that win for charities, garner media coverage, raise brand awareness and even help to build the bottom line.  Her work with Clackamas Federal Credit Union last year resulted in both an NWCUA Spectrum Award and a Public Relations Society of America Spotlight Award.

At the NWCUA Marketers’ Conference in SeaTac on May 7-8, Rosenberg will spotlight the best practices of creating community-engagement plans and leveraging digital platforms for greater impact.

“A good partnership is the most important piece of creating a successful campaign,” Rosenberg says.  Picking mission-aligned charities and working with them to ensure execution is the first step, she says.

Rosenberg, who has garnered extensive media coverage for her client’s social-engagement campaigns, will show conference attendees how to create a content-and-editorial calendar for community engagement and how to leverage events already happening to maximize search engine optimization.

The social media sites operated by traditional media outlets such as newspapers and TV stations are often overlooked by marketers pitching story coverage, Rosenberg says, and she will tell marketers about therelationships they should be building with new-media contacts.

The Marketers’ Conference will be intensely focused on telling the credit union story, with presentations on getting earned media coverage, capturing the best pictures and video, and powerful speaking techniques. In addition, the Northwest’s top credit union marketers are being honored with more than 30 trophies at the annual Spectrum Marketing Awards Dinner on May 7. Registration for both events is open online.

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