Northwest Credit Unions and Their Members Raise Funds for Mudslide Victims


March 22, 2014

Lynn Heider
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Northwest Credit Unions and Their Members Raise Funds for Mudslide Victims

SEATAC, WA – The Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) in partnership with the Northwest Credit Union Foundation (NWCUF) and their member credit unions, are fulfilling the “people helping people” mission by raising funds for families impacted by the May 22 mudslide in Oso, Washington. The mudslide is responsible for the deaths of at least 25 people, and 30 area residents were unaccounted for as of March 31.

“The loss of lives and family homes is devastating,” said Troy Stang, president and CEO of the NWCUA.  “What we know so far is at least one credit union member lost his wife and a grandchild.  At least four northwest credit union members lost their family homes.  We believe as the recovery efforts continue, we will learn of more impact on credit union members.  But member or not, they are our neighbors and our credit unions want to help.”

“For credit unions to step up in support is important,” said Steven Ellis, President and CEO of SnoCope Credit Union – located just 30 miles from the mudslide. “Collectively, credit unions are filling the people helping people mission.”

“Everyone coming into the credit union has a story,” added Gayle Yost, CEO of Community Healthcare Federal Credit Union in Everett, WA. “Either someone they know, or even a relative, was affected. The need is great.”

The NWCUF has established an online link through which it is seeking contributions from NWCUA credit unions, their staffs and the 4.5 million consumers who belong to credit unions in Washington and Oregon.  Credit unions and their nearly 97 million members from around the country are invited to contribute as well.  The funds will be earmarked to go directly for the immediate household needs of the impacted families such as temporary housing, supplies, etc.  The NWCUF has arranged for the United Way of Snohomish County, Washington to channel the credit union contributions directly to the families impacted by the mudslide.

“Their homeowners insurance won’t likely cover the loss of their homes or their mortgage payments,” Stang said. “We thought as credit unions, the most impactful difference we can make is to help with their immediate financial needs.  And, we know credit unions in the impact area are working with their members as well.”

The Northwest Credit Union Association is the not-for-profit trade association representing 165 of Oregon and Washington’s credit unions, and their 4.5 million members. The NWCUA is the voice of the Northwest credit union movement, providing legislative, regulatory and public advocacy, education, compliance, networking support and business solutions to its members. For information on how to join a credit union, please visit

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