Huey Will Tell NWCUA Marketers’ Conference: ‘The Messenger Is As Important As The Message’

Do you talk too much? Anthony Huey will help you break that habit during interactive training at the Marketers Conference.

Old-guard presenters used to train marketers to sell the benefits and not just the features of the products they were promoting. That’s still essential, but it’s not enough.  In 2014 and beyond, the digital age demands more.

“The messenger is as important as the message,” says Anthony Huey, president of Reputation Management Associates.  Huey brings more than two decades of experience as a news reporter, editor, media relations and marketing strategist to the communications coaching industry.

Huey will be a marquee presenter at the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Marketers’ Conference, which is scheduled for May 7-8 in SeaTac, Wash. He has conducted nearly 1,500 media, crisis and communications skills workshops, training thousands of people to powerfully deliver exactly the message they want clients to hear — and nothing more.  As Huey puts it, saying too much can ruin a good message.

Whether messages are being developed for the media, for staff training, for advertising or for crisis response, Huey believes that organizationally, everyone must be clear, concise and on the same page. Consider this fact, he says: When you speak, half of any audience isn’t paying attention to you.

“Our goal when we are speaking to a group of people is to constantly snap them back to what we’re saying,” Huey says.

Not as easy as it sounds, Huey will tell you, and that old saying about variety being the spice of life is important for speakers to remember.  In addition to delivering a well-versed message, speakers need to have variety in voice, movement, pacing, tone, visual aids and facial gestures. 

That’s a lot to think about, and it only comes with training and practice. 

Huey will lay that groundwork at the Marketers’ Conference.  He was a favorite at last year’s Amplify Convention in Portland, and will expand his presentation for marketers with an on-camera, interactive training session designed not only to sharpen their messaging skills, but also to return them to their credit unions ready to help their teams communicate effectively.

In addition to Huey’s training session, highlights of the Marketers’ Conference include:

  • A presentation by Elisabeth Leamy, a 13-time Emmy Award-winning reporter often seen on “Good Morning America,” who will explain how to get positive TV coverage for credit unions;
  • A presentation by Amy Rosenberg, an award-winning public relations expert, who will talk about using social media to build community engagement plans that grow business;
  • Tips on getting digital assets such as videos and still photos to tell emotionally connective credit union stories, presented by national award-winning news photographer Lisa Berglund;
  • LT Public Relations President Casey Boggs’ presentation on strategies to get credit union messages spread across earned, owned and paid media platforms;
  • Edelman PR’s customized presentation for credit union marketers about where financial institutions stand on the world-wide Trust Barometer, and how to build and maintain trust; and
  • The Spectrum Marketing Awards dinner and celebration, which will be held on the evening of May.

Registration for the conference is open online.  Marketers who register by April 4 will receive special pricing of $369.  The price for attendees who register after April 4 is $419. The Marketers’ Conference and Spectrum Awards Dinner will take place at the SeaTac Marriott. Special hotel pricing is available through April 15, and shuttle service is available from the SeaTac Airport.

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