Washington Legislative Week in Review: Session Expected to End Thursday

Thursday is the last scheduled day of the Washington Legislature’s regular session.

With the final deadline for considering bills from the opposite house now behind them, lawmakers will focus this week on initiatives, budgets and matters related to implementing budgets. They’ll also work on negotiating differences between bills passed by the House or Senate.

Credit unions fared well during this legislative session. NWCUA-sponsored legislation regarding merger vote requirements passed on unanimous votes, while a number of troublesome bills failed to move forward. In addition, the Association received word from budget writers that a possible diversion/sweep of DFI funds is now off the table.

Association staff will continue to monitor the budget process throughout the session’s final days.

NWCUA-Sponsored Legislation

House Bill 2140, which gives Washington state-chartered credit unions parity with federally chartered credit unions regarding mergers, was signed into law this week by Gov. Jay Inslee. It will take effect on June 13, 2014.

Collection of Unpaid Wages

Senate Bill 5360, which addresses the collection of unpaid wages, passed the House on March 7 by a vote of 98-0 and now goes to Inslee for his signature. The bill allows the Department of Labor and Industries to electronically serve a financial institution with a Notice and Order to Withhold and Deliver for unpaid wages by providing a list of outstanding warrants to the Department of Revenue.


House Bill 2723, which modifies provisions governing mandatory mediations under the Foreclosure Fairness Act, passed the Senate on March 7 by a vote of 49-0 and now goes to the governor.

Financial Literacy

House Bill 1173, which would have modified the duties of Financial Education Public-Private Partnership (FEPPP), required the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to make financial education curriculum available to school districts and require school districts to provide courses with this curriculum, failed to receive a vote on the Senate floor before the March 7 cutoff to consider bills from the opposite house. Association staff will continue to ask legislators to support the bill, but it’s unclear whether it will receive a post-cutoff vote.

Mark Minickiello will report from Olympia each week that the Washington Legislature is in session; look for his “Washington Legislative Week in Review” every Tuesday in Anthem. For more information, contact Minickiello at mminickiello@nwcua.org or 206.340.4812.

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