NWCUA’s Improved Careers Website is the Go-To Resource for Job Seekers, Hiring Managers

HELP WANTED: Hiring managers seek one-stop solution for recruiting high-quality credit union employees. Ability to post and manage openings required. Tips for job seekers and decision makers a must. High visibility among financial professionals preferred.

If that sounds like your Help Wanted ad, you can stop looking right now, because the Northwest Credit Union Association has the perfect candidate for the job: an improved Credit Union Careers website designed to attract the kind of people who love to offer world-class financial services and products to consumers.

“Credit unions offer such a great working environment,” says Jennifer Huggard, the NWCUA’s vice president for administration. “They emphasize a work-life balance. They focus on the newest technology. And they provide unparalleled professional development opportunities. They should be a magnet for the most qualified candidates, and this go-to resource will help attract them.”

More than 40 openings currently are listed on the Careers site, ranging from chief lending officer and vice president of finance to member service representative and systems specialist. Last year, job seekers visited the site more than 85,000 times; that number should grow, Huggard says, thanks to outreach and enhancements.

“With so many new benefits to offer,” she says, “we plan outreach to the media, state employment departments and talent recruiting agencies to raise even more awareness.”

The new site allows hiring managers to take control of their recruitment efforts. They can now submit their own job openings, add information to existing posts and extend application deadlines as needed — a feature that Sue Carlson, the senior recruiting specialist for Rivermark Community Credit Union, says she especially likes.

“I post all our job openings on the NWCUA’s Careers website and have done so for quite some time,” Carlson says. “I really appreciate gaining the ability to post and edit my own jobs. It’s also great to see the search function return.”

The redesigned site also includes a Career Resources blog, filled with tips to help job seekers be smarter about their search and better prepared for interviews. There’s a blog for hiring managers, too, and submissions are always welcome. “We hope hiring managers will share hiring and recruitment tips with their colleagues or offer useful information to job candidates,” Huggard says.

(Blog articles of 400 words or less should be sent to Lynn Heider, the NWCUA’s vice president of communications, at lheader@nwcua.org.)

Heider says her message to hiring managers is the same as the one she shared with Worksource Oregon and the Washington Employment Security Department: “As member-driven cooperatives, credit unions put people ahead of profits. They value their social missions as much as they value their financial missions, and they attract employees who want to improve their communities.”

“Let’s work together,” Heider says, “to help motivated people work and serve!”

Questions? Contact Gary M. Stein: 503.350.2216, gstein@nwcua.org.

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