Northwest Credit Unions Stir up the Pot; Make Joint Super Bowl Wager to Colorado Counterparts

In the credit union movement, collaboration is king—except when Super Bowl XLVIII is on the line. The Northwest Credit Union Association has offered a bet to the Mountain West Credit Union Association. If the Broncos win Sunday, the NWCUA will send some of the world’s best smoked salmon to the Mountain West Credit Union Association. The token offer was made this morning by Troy Stang. NWCUA president and CEO, and Debie Keesee, board chair.

“How ironic that two states with legalized marijuana businesses find themselves in the Super ‘Bowl’,” said Stang. “A joint wager was too good to pass up. In the unlikely event the Broncos win Sunday, Debie and I are happy to send our counterparts the best Northwest smoked salmon they’ll ever enjoy.”

“The stakes are high, but I make this wager with complete confidence,” said Keesee. “I challenge Mountain West to top smoked salmon. They can’t, and their team can’t beat the Seahawks.”

Instead, Stang and Keesee are confident that come next week, their team will be enjoying excellent Buffalo steaks from Colorado, the wager MWCUA offered in response.

“Of course we are happy to accept the wager because we are confident that we’ll be the ones enjoying the Northwest Salmon,” said Scott Earl, president and CEO of the MWCUA. He added, “In the unlikely event the Seahawks do win the Super Bowl, Bob Ramirez, our Board chair, and I will send our counterparts some of Colorado’s finest Buffalo steaks.”

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