NWCUA Makes 2014 Networking Councils More Affordable, Easier to Attend

Memberships to all five Networking Councils are available now on the NWCUA website. Registration for individual sessions will be available Jan. 27.

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A deal that sounds too good to be true usually is, right?

So what if someone said that you could attend a full year of training programs and networking events designed specifically for credit union professionals for just $169 — and that two of your colleagues could tag along at no additional cost?

What if they told you that the deal also included a $39 discount off the registration fee for an annual conference, workshop or seminar, as well as free 24/7 listserv access? Would you believe them?

Welcome to the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Networking Councils for 2014, where everything “they” told you —­ and more! — is absolutely true.

“In today’s challenging business environment, the ability to develop skills and build relationships is essential,” says Denise Gabel, the NWCUA’s chief operating officer. “We wanted to provide more value for our members by making it easier for like-minded people to meet and solve day-to-day challenges, share experiences and learn from each other, and look to the future. The improvements we’ve made to our series of Networking Councils do that.”

The Association schedules Networking Councils in five specific areas: Collectors, Compliance, Lenders, Marketers, and HR & Trainers. Each Council meets three times a year, and until now, those meetings generally alternated between NWCUA offices in Oregon and Washington. Not anymore.

Improved video-conferencing capabilities mean that almost all of the Councils will now be available in both NWCUA locations — in SeaTac, where the Association office is located across the street from the airport; and in the new Tigard office, which boasts convenient access to major freeways.

A new pricing structure will also make it possible for more members to attend:

  • $169: A full-year membership in one of the five specific Councils includes attendance for one person and up to two more of their colleagues at all three Council meetings.
  • $676: Credit unions can opt for a Power User Package, which allows up to three team members to attend all of the meetings of all five Networking Councils.
  • $59: Individual Council meetings still are available for $59 per person.

Each of the five Councils schedules an annual conference, workshop or seminar during the year, and the new full-year memberships include a $39 discount for one team member to attend. Memberships also include 24/7 access to a listserv that is only available to Council members. (Listserv access can be purchased a la carte for $39; non-members will be removed from the listserv effective Feb. 28.)

Memberships to all five Networking Councils are available now on the NWCUA website. Registration for individual sessions will be available Jan. 27. Here’s the lineup for 2014:

  • Collectors Networking Council: Feb. 20; Aug. 14; Nov. 13
  • Compliance Networking Council: March 4; Aug. 21; Dec. 4
  • Lenders Networking Council: Feb. 12; May 14; Nov. 20
  • Marketers Networking Council: Jan. 29; July 9; Nov. 18
  • HR & Trainers Networking Council: March 6; Sept. 9; Dec. 2


Questions? Contact Gary Stein: 503.350.2216, gstein@nwcua.org.

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