Washington Credit Union Day at the Capitol: February 6, 2014

Washington Credit Union Day at the Capitol is an important day and presents an opportunity to educate our state legislature about credit unions, and how the bills that they will be voting on could affect your service to members. The Northwest Credit Union Association hopes to bring advocates from every credit union to Olympia February 6th.

Legislators want to meet in person with people who live in their districts. Credit unions are encouraged to bring employees from as many branches as possible.  Our goal is to have every legislator meet with a credit union representative from their district on February 6th.

We will make good use of your team’s time, making it possible for branch staff to attend.

  • Convenient location: Washington Credit Union Day at the Capitol will be held in a large, warm tent on the front lawn of the Capitol.
  • Easy participation: We will provide talking points and messages ahead of time and on-site.
  • No cost: Registration is free, and no hotel stay is required.
  • Reduced time commitment: Late start time (10:00 a.m.) and early departure (4:00 p.m.).
  • Come casual: Participants are welcome to wear their credit union logo-wear.

Last year we had record attendance. Wearing warm yellow scarves and sharing their messages with passion, our advocates were highly visible. Let’s make 2014 even more impactful.

Sign up to attend today!

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