‘Inside Exchange’: NCUA Chair Debbie Matz Talks About Corporate Assessments, Stress Testing & More

NCUA Chair Debbie Matz talks about the anticipated range of corporate assessments, a new stress-testing proposal and a variety of other key topics in the first of a two-part video interview for CUNA’s “Inside Exchange.”

Matz tells Paul Gentile, CUNA’s executive vice president for communications and engagement, that the NCUA is “reallocating resources to the credit unions where there’s risk, and those tend to be the larger credit unions. I don’t see us decreasing our work force, but I see a reallocation.”

“We will have more examiners focused on those credit unions, and also more specialists that have expertise in capital markets and member business lending,” Matz says. “But for the smaller credit unions, they will probably have examiners in their shops for fewer hours, because we’re doing a reduced scope in smaller credit unions that don’t have significant issues.”

Other topics of interest in Part One of the interview: stress testing, how the NCUA interacts with the CFPB, examiner hours and focus, corporate assessments and the NCUA’s use of credit union feedback. Matz discusses the 2014 NCUA Budget, the agency’s CUSO proposal and her outlook for regulatory relief in Part Two, which CUNA expects to release this week.


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