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Our credit union would like to contract with a third party for services. What do we need
to do? 

NCUA’s Letter to Federal Credit Unions (07-CU-13) lays out a number of factors that credit unions should consider before entering into a third party relationship. According to NCUA, credit unions should consider the following:

  • Will the third-party relationship compliment the credit union’s overall mission and philosophy?
  • How critical is the activity being outsourced?
  • How will the third-party relationship impact (if at all) the credit union’s strategic plans (long-term goals, objectives and resource allocation)?
  • How will the risks/benefits of outsourcing the particular function compare with keeping the function in house?
  • How will the third-party relationship impact (if at all) seven risk areas: credit, interest rate, liquidity, transaction, compliance, strategic, and reputation risk?
  • Does the credit union staff have the expertise to manage and monitor a third-party relationship?
  • Will the third-party relationship create additional insurance responsibilities for the credit union?
  • How will the relationship impact the credit union’s membership (positive and negative)?
  • Does the credit union have an effective exit strategy?

The guidance highlights the need for credit unions to perform extensive due diligence and review the risks/benefits of outsourcing member services prior to engaging in a third-party vendor relationship.

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