Small Credit Union Roundtable, NWCUA/CUES Leadership Symposium Will Explore Talent Wars and Operations Efficiencies

Mike Neill will outline clear strategies for credit unions to win talent-recruiting wars at the Nov. 6 NWCUA/CUES Leadership Symposium.

What attributes do the most effective mid-level credit union managers have that drive employee engagement and help their credit unions hit success benchmarks?

Michael Neill knows, and he’ll share that insight with Northwest credit union leaders Nov. 6 at the Leadership Symposium in Seattle. The event is sponsored by the Northwest Credit Union Association and the northwest chapter of the Credit Union Executive Society.

Neill is the president of Michael Neill & Associates and is considered one of the credit union industry’s most highly regarded leadership consultants. His critically acclaimed Filene Research Institute study, Attributes and Skills of Highly Effective Credit Union Managers, tracks and analyzes years of data about credit unions’ organizational performances to discover what sets the highest-performing middle managers apart. Neill’s insight will help credit union leaders understand what’s needed to recruit and develop the strongest middle managers.

Also shedding light on operational efficiencies will be Joseph Prunty, who has been providing efficiency measurements and profitability information to credit unions for more than 15 years. His breakout session at the NWCUA’s Amplify Convention in Portland received strong feedback. One attendee called his work “very relevant” and added, “This was one of the best presentations I’ve seen in awhile.”

Senior leaders of credit unions with $50 million and under in assets are invited to arrive in Seattle a day early for the Small Credit Union Roundtable. Prunty is one of the key presenters at that event. In addition, attendees will hear from some of their peers who have achieved success through untapped resources that provided funding and regulatory flexibility to better serve members.

Teri Robinson’s inspired story is one that will be showcased. Recently named a Credit Union Magazine “Rock Star,” she saw Pacific Northwest Ironworkers Federal Credit Union through net-worth restoration, and then strengthened her credit union’s ability to serve by tapping into the low-income business model. For Robinson, the emphasis is on focusing on how credit unions can do things to accomplish their goals, rather than focusing on what they can’t do.

Registration is available online for both the Small Credit Union Roundtable on Nov. 5 and the NWCUA/CUES Leadership Symposium on Nov 6. There is no cost to attendees. Both events take place at the Seattle Airport Marriott, where discount rooms are available for overnight stays.


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