CU Magazine Honors Seven Northwest ‘Rock Stars’ In Special ICU Day Issue

For some, it’s about growing and expanding business opportunities. For others, it’s about reaching deeper into the community to help their neighbors. And for one, it’s about bringing a credit union back from the brink when many people simply would have given up.

For all of these Northwest credit union professionals, every day is about embodying the movement’s philosophy of “People Helping People.” And that’s why Credit Union Magazine is paying tribute to Lesley Carrell, Amy Davis, Manuel Hochheimer, Janet McNeilly, Jeanette Radmer, Teri Robinson, and Corlinda Wooden in a special bonus edition released this week to coincide with International Credit Union Day.

“All of us have bright ideas from time to time, but few of us have the passion, conviction, and drive to put those bright ideas into action,” editor-in-chief Steve Rodgers says. “Some people do, however, and we call them ‘Rock Stars.’”

Magazine subscribers nominated their “Rock Star” colleagues in online balloting over the past several months. The result: a showcase of 48 professionals from credit unions, leagues and related organizations across the country who transform the vision of “People Helping People” into an everyday reality.

Seven of the “Rock Stars” are from Oregon and Washington:

  • Lesley Carrell of Fibre Federal Credit Union: Carrell, Fibre’s senior vice president of marketing, is one of the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council’s Diamond Award winners for 2013. Marketing, she tells the magazine, is as important as finance, operations, or IT in helping credit unions succeed. “You must be able to lead and live the credit union’s brand. And you’ve got to be willing to institute and campaign for needed changes—whether it’s with the budget, the culture, or the product.”
  • Amy Davis of Red Canoe Credit Union: Davis, Red Canoe’s vice president of marketing, wins high praise for the credit union’s “Fill the Canoe” drives. The annual event places empty canoes throughout the community and asks residents and business partners to fill them with school supplies. To date, more than 47,000 pounds of pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and more have been donated, highlighting Red Canoe’s outreach efforts and enhancing its brand. “When you do right things,” Davis tells the magazine, “right things happen.”
  • Manuel Hochheimer, Janet McNeilly, and Jeanette Radmer of Numerica Credit Union: Numerica’s business development team earns its “Rock Star” status for increasing market share by working more closely with auto dealers, colleges and universities, and the small-business community. They say that they’re most proud of making Numerica the primary financial institution for about 20 percent of the credit union’s indirect members. “Simply by reaching out to people, having a conversation, and listening to their stories, we’ve become a partner in their quest to find financial well-being,” Hochheimer tells the magazine, “rather than just a place where they have their car loan.”
  • Teri Robinson of Pacific NW Ironworkers Federal Credit Union: If you really think about it, Robinson is being honored for her refusal to say “no.” That, along with a strategic plan and a lot of hard work, enabled Pacific NW Ironworkers’ president and CEO to bring the credit union through net-worth restoration. Today, the word “troubled” has been replaced by “growing.” “Many people would have given up,” she tells the magazine. “Our credit union very easily could have been gone. But we have a mission to help union ironworkers. No one else would have been there to help them.”
  • Corlinda Wooden of Unitus Community Credit Union: Wooden may have relocated to Texas, but her impact on Unitus will be felt for a long time. Her innovative techniques for training and motivating staff members included brainstorming sessions and lighthearted internal classes, monthly branch “huddles” and one-on-one coaching to improve performance. “We never assumed that somebody was trying to fail,” she tells the magazine. “If a person’s intent was good and their heart was in the right place, their mistake became a teachable moment.”

Credit Union Magazine’s “Rock Star” issue has become an International Credit Union Day tradition. Credit unions in more than 100 countries are reflecting this week on the movement’s history and promoting its achievements, making the timing of the magazine—and the spotlight it shines on the great work that credit unions do every day—especially significant.

The issue also fulfills another ICU Day goal: to give members the opportunity to get more involved. Nominations are already being accepted for next year’s “Rock Star” issue at


Credit Union Magazine’s special bonus edition should be in mailboxes now. It’s also available online here. Questions? Contact Gary Stein: 503.350.2216,

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