Maps, Western Oregon University, and ‘BizKid$’ Partner to Prepare Teachers

By: Josalyn Alston, Development Associate, NWCUF

Since the financial crisis, as credit unions, we have witnessed firsthand how the impact has crippled many consumers’ ability to manage finances, and hearing from many that had they known how to save earlier in age, they could have been more financially sound.

Northwest credit unions have continued to show their commitment to working with community organizations to ensure children, teens, and adults are equipped with the financial skills necessary to make sound decisions about spending, credit, debt, and investments that will help them navigate difficult financial situations. Our credit unions are answering the call of educators who are interested in teaching their students about the importance of financial literacy.

A recent study by The Center for Financial Literacy reported a 42% increase in teacher interest for financial literacy programming. As a result, many organizations and educational institutions are developing new programs designed to give teachers the confidence, skills, and tools needed to teach personal finance in the classroom.

New programs have already begun to form with one of our Northwest credit unions leading the way. The National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) announced that Maps Credit Union has partnered with Western Oregon University’s College of Education (WOU) to incorporate “BizKid$”—the nationally broadcast financial literacy program—into the Elementary Social Studies Methods curriculum through a “BizKid$” Education Grant awarded to the credit union. The course will be required of all university students graduating from the Elementary Education Program. The coursework will include an integration of “BizKid$” in classrooms taught by graduating teachers from WOU. Through this grant partnership with the National Credit Union Foundation, Maps Credit Union will be able to continue their work with community partners to make financial literacy an integral part of classroom curriculum.

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation congratulates Maps CU for receiving the Biz Kid$ Education Grant and for their continued efforts to impact future students and teachers through their partnership with Western Oregon University’s College of Education.

For more information regarding the “BizKid$” Education Grants or the National Credit Union Foundation, please click here.

“BizKid$” is the credit union funded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship. The National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) oversees fundraising and outreach responsibilities of “BizKid$”. Over the past six years, more than 300 credit unions and affiliated organizations have raised more than $13.8 million that has supported the show’s production, website, and curriculum.


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