Bluebird Prepayment Card Architect to Keynote Amplify Convention


In just four months, Bluebird punched the daylights out of old fashioned payment systems. It delivered hundreds of thousands of new, young consumers to American Express, and gave budget conscious Walmart shoppers the financial control they’d been asking for.

What set Bluebird apart?  Convenient features and no fees.

Laura Kelly was in the drivers’ seat. In her then-position as SVP/General Manager of the Americans at American Express, she was the architect, the risk taker and the person leading the team that put Bluebird on the market. She was quoted at the time saying, “If this fails, my career is over.”  Of course, Bluebird soared and its success story will be among payments systems Kelly will highlight in her October 10th Amplify Convention address, “Personal Finance 2.0.”

For additional information about prepayment cards read:

  • Consumer Reports which noted prepaid cards are the fastest growing payment method for consumers who want to budget, and
  • A report by PEW Charitable Trusts  finding most prepaid cards are laden with 7-15 different fees.

Amplify Convention is scheduled October 8-10 at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower. Registration is available online, with discount hotel pricing offered until September 6th.

Other keynote speakers include:


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