YCUP Seeks Two New Board Members

Young Credit Union Professionals (YCUP) is a valuable networking organization connecting up and coming financial services industry talent with education, advocacy and growth opportunities. The Portland chapter, active for six years, lives its mission to “recruit, develop and retain young professionals in the credit union industry.”

YCUP walked the talk at a recent meeting in Portland, where career coaches Cole Chatterton and Greg Guillford shared examples of effective networking, contemporary portfolio development, and the power of professional development—when it’s necessary to add higher education and certifications to career experiences.

Chatterton is the business development chair at Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus and Gulliford is director of recruitment for Concordia University’s MBA program. Among tips they shared with YCUP attendees trying to stand out in a competitive world:

  • Always have at least five recommendation letters on hand. Provide at least 30-days notice to the individual providing you the letter. Recommendation letters have a one-year shelf life. Once expired, resend the original letter to the author for a refresh.
  • Visual resumes speak to both contemporary and traditional hiring managers. There are several websites that can help you create a visual resume, Examples include opresume.com and wix.com.
  • A new twist to resumes is to place a QR code in the top right hand corner that links to your LinkedIn profile.

Chatterton and Gulliford’s advice resonated with Amanda Brenneman, business development officer at Maps Credit Union.

“I learned about current tools and resources that ensure my resume will stand out from others all the while keeping it clean, contemporary, and concise,” She said.

That’s exactly the experience YCUP hopes participants will have.

“We try to do events at least quarterly, typically inviting a CU industry leader to meet with us about career development or key issues in credit unions,” said Angie Cayot, YCUP board member and Installations Project Specialist at Fiserv. Speakers at YCUP’s Portland and Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) events have included Oregon credit union CEOs Pat Smith and Rob Stuart, the Filene Institute’s Mark Meyer, and Gigi Hyland, former National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) board member.

“YCUP strives to be completely open with no membership fees, no competitive application process, and events that integrate young leaders and current credit union leaders of all experience levels, to maximize learning and mentorship opportunities,” Cayot continued.

The opportunity to join a professional networking and career development organization with no membership fees is rare in any industry. YCUP offers additional enrichment for professionals who want to give back by planning high quality content for meetings.


Questions? Contact Lynn Heider: 503.350.2225, lheider@nwcua.org.

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