Don’t Tax My Credit Union Spotlight Shines on Our Community, Peninsula

Two Mason County, Washington credit unions have joined forces to save the credit union tax exemption.

Our Community Credit Union and Peninsula Credit Union are collaborating on a highly visible, joint-advertising campaign directing consumers to the Don’t Tax My Credit Union website. The site offers visitors direct connections to their Members of Congress so they can ask for preservation of the credit union tax exemption.

The advertising points out that President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Credit Union Act in 1934, “enabling consumers to form not-for-profit, cooperative financial institutions of their own. The desire then—and now—was to allow members to focus on the needs of their families, not the needs of bank stockholders.”

“Mason county’s only home grown financial institutions ask you to say no to unfair Credit Union Taxation,” the advertisement notes.

Another advertisement boldly declares, “Taxing credit unions is not only bad for our nation’s economy, it’s also a tax on you, the member.”

The Mason County credit union community has an impressive track record for collaboration as demonstrated by the recent Town Hall meetings several credit unions sponsored to help thousands of local residents cope with the financial impact of federal sequestration. Such efforts require top-down support and staff buy-in, which is strong in the tax effort as well.

“This could not have happened without the leadership of our CEOs,” said David Hughes, vice president/chief marketing officer at Peninsula. He credits the leadership of OCCU’s Bert Fisher and Peninsula’s Jim Morrell for their support.

The advertising isn’t the only visual evidence of the collaborative effort. For the next six Fridays, staff at both credit unions will wear cobalt blue tee shirts uniting them to more than 90 million members of credit unions nationwide.


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