Best Practices Roundtable in Eugene July 10; Financial Education without Reinventing the Wheel

You won’t find Anissa Arthenayake at a desk at OSU Federal Credit Union most of the time. The certified credit union financial counselor is usually out in the community helping students and adults grow their financial capabilities.

Last year, she spent 30 hours a week offering financial education outreach, making more than 500 presentations that reached almost 14,000 people.

How do busy educators like Arthenayake make the classroom connections, keep presentations fresh and find the time to reach so many people?

Arthenayake will help educators overcome some of the barriers they face, at the Financial Education Best Practice Roundtable July 10 in Eugene, Ore. The Roundtable is the second in a series sponsored by the Northwest Credit Union Association’s (NWCUA) Financial Education Committee and the Northwest Credit Union Foundation. It will be hosted at Oregon Community Credit Union in Eugene, Ore. Registration is available online, and the $30 fee covers the cost of handout materials and lunch.

Other presenters will share success models for establishing school branches, as well as special tips to reach adults.

Melody Bell, Executive Director of Financial Beginnings, will discuss resources available to train credit union volunteers to be effective educators, as well as presentation materials.

Diane Childs, Financial Information and ID Theft Program Outreach Coordinator for the Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities (DFCS) will present, “The Financial Lifejacket,” which details how the DFCS helps consumers keep their heads above water.

A highlight promises to be the Financial Reality Fair. The interactive exercise will assign a career persona to attendees and challenge them to balance their budgets as they navigate a maze of financial requirements and luxuries such as housing, transportation and travel. The demonstration was a hit at the first Roundtable in Federal Way last week, and is being offered so credit union educators can consider whether their credit union should sponsor a Financial Reality Fair in their communities.

“The Financial Education Committee is excited to bring credit union educators together to share presentations and best practice model; there’s no need to reinvent the wheel,” said Ryann Conrad, committee chair.

The resources offered at the roundtables will be archived and housed in an online library for NWCUA member educators, Conrad added.


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