Sen. Banking Committee Considers Metsger’s NCUA Nomination

Former Oregon State Senator Rick Metsger formally introduced himself to members of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs, during a nominations hearing in Washington Thursday.

Metsger was nominated by President Obama last month to a term on the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Board of Directors.

Metsger has extensive leadership experience in government, credit union, journalism and public service roles.  He has been a credit union member for four decades. He served for a decade in the Oregon State Senate.  Prior to launching his public service career, Metsger was a popular television anchor and investigative reporter in Portland. Metsger also served on the board of the former Portland Teachers’ Credit Union.

“It is indeed an honor to be nominated for this critical position,” Metsger said to the committee members during his introductory remarks. Metsger noted proactive leadership, wisdom and the ability to act “prudently and decisively” are important qualities for regulators entrusted with protecting the safety and soundness of credit unions.

Metsger walked the committee members through his resume as a political leader, small business owner and long-tenured journalist who treasured accuracy and relevance in that watchdog role.  He stressed the importance of “clear and ongoing communications” with credit unions and consumers.

As an Oregon State Senator, Metsger added, “I gained great experience and I hope, wisdom, in weighing differing viewpoints.”

The nominee noted that the NCUA already has in place a policy to review 1/3 of its rules annually.

Metsger supports that review process. He noted that rules and regulations should regularly be reviewed to ensure they are consistent, effective, not excessive, and in place to protect the safety and soundness of credit unions. “It is in the best interests of credit unions to have a strong regulator,” said Metsger.

“My vision is for the NCUA to be recognized as an agency that manages its own fiscal house well, without placing unnecessary burden on the credit unions themselves,” he concluded.

Metsger was among five people vetted by the committee for positions at financial services agencies during the nominations hearing. If the committee recommends confirmation, a full Senate vote will be scheduled.

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