NWCUA/CUES Executive Summit Features Futurist Rob Rubin’s Secret Sauce for Gen Y

Gen-Y’ers are forcing changes in the way people bank, so what does that mean for the future of credit unions? Rob Rubin, research expert and Managing Director at Novarcia, imparts what that means and how credit unions can leverage online channels to promote financial products and services as well as drive branch traffic. He is one of the keynote speakers at the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA)/Northwest Council of the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) Executive Summit. Billed as this summer’s main event for credit union senior leadership, the Summit will be hosted at the Sunriver Resort, July 24-26, where Rubin will share his financial wisdom on consumer, marketing and trend analyses impacting credit unions.

The Summit promises to be a productive and recharging respite for credit union leaders and a chance to mingle with peers, share experiences and rub shoulders with well-known financial service wizards. Executives will learn how to leverage industry trends that will ensure credit union successes in the future.  As a major player in tracking these trends, Rubin’s seminar “Online Presence: Are You There?” offers a must-see engagement.

Rubin has also recently published research about the imperative for banks and credit unions to reach Gen-Y consumers, how to provide “effortless” online experiences and how increasing online visibility can win more members. Rubin has also managed his own research business and created www.FindABetterBank.com, the largest panel of “bank shoppers” in the US.  Rubin will discuss the importance a virtual branch has on current and future credit union members.

According to Rubin, consumers as shoppers have become very multi-channel oriented. The digital age is creating a demand to take the same philosophy of great service, and translate that into an online and digital environment. Gen-Y consumers are into convenience—not just getting better rates—so an excellent online experience and services are a-must in order draw in new members. “Credit unions must recognize that the online experience is still the first relationship they’ll have with consumers—the website is a critical channel for driving branch traffic,” says Rubin.

“I encourage credit unions to segment members by channel preferences—there’s still the branch-centric demographic but also a growing multi-channel audience that can go into a branch when they want to but are comfortable shopping for financial services online where they can do virtually everything,” Rubin continues.

The Executive Summit provides an ideal environment for credit union leaders to network and learn from their peers as well as from authorities in the industry. And Sunriver amenities and recreational opportunities abound to provide the right balance for a memorable weekend.

Other keynote dialogues will be offered by Bill Cheney, president and CEO of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and Dr. Michael Wilkerson, one of two ECONorthwest economists who just completed a study debunking bank lobby myths about the credit union tax model.  Executive Summit registration is still open online.


Questions? Contact Lynn Heider: 503.350.2225, lheider@nwcua.org.

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