Thousands of Northwest Voices Message Congress in Support of Credit Union Tax Model

Credit unions’ tax model is spotlighted in congress and in state legislatures every few years, but the 2013 focus is thought to be more intense.  The reasons: a politically partisan logjam sharply dividing congress, a $16 trillion deficit, and retiring legislators who want their legacy to be, once and for all, tax reform.

Those were deciding factors in credit unions being named in a Senate Finance Committee “tax reform option paper” this month—along with charitable contributions and nonprofit hospitals.  The credit union mention wasn’t a surprise to industry lobbyists, nor a firm recommendation by the Senate Committee.  It did seem to serve as the opening pitch, however, in a summer of activism.

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) are asking credit unions and their members to lobby congress to support the credit union tax model immediately, and to sustain the effort as the process promises to be a long one.

CUNA launched “Don’t Tax my Credit Union” as an online resource offering direct contact with Senators and Congressional members.

Northwest credit unions are stepping up. In just under a month, 3,485 Oregon credit union employees and members used the links to contact congress, while 2,075 Washington advocates weighed in.  That registration is by no means all-inclusive as some credit union advocates are instead signing petitions, calling congress on their own or mailing in person letters, and these contacts are not tracked by the CUNA website.

Oregon Community Credit Union registered the higher number of advocate contacts; 1,569. Unitus Community Credit Union, OnPoint Community, and Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union members also made a lot of contact coming out of the gate.  In Washington, Numerica Credit Union produced the highest volume of congressional contact early on, with BECU, Fibre Federal, Red Canoe and Sound Credit Union also active.


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