Kitsap Credit Unions Collaborate to Help Consumers Manage their Money

Three Kitsap County, Washington credit unions will bring their community together for a second time this year, in a collaborative event helping consumers cope with economic concerns.

Connection Credit Union, Kitsap Credit Union and Peninsula Community Credit Union sponsored a town hall earlier this year helping members cope with the effects of the federal government sequestration. As many as 14,000 civilian defense employees faced up to 20 percent pay reductions through furloughs, overtime cut backs and other spending cuts. The town hall drew 200 residents.

The purpose of Wednesday’s “Money Matters” collaborative event may appeal to all consumers in Kitsap County. It offers four money management workshops to young career professionals, people soon to retire, or residents who are just hoping to improve their financial budgeting skills.

The workshops include:

  • The Psychology of Spending and Budgeting
  • How Money Management Affects your Credit Report
  • Surviving a Financial Crisis
  • Collections and Debt Repayment

Money Matters is taking place at the Kitsap Conference Center, 100 Washington Ave. in Bremerton from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. No matter what time a consumer drops by, won’t miss any content because each of the workshops will be offered eight times during the day. The credit unions are not charging attendees a fee and are not requiring registration.


Questions? Contact Lynn Heider: 503.350.2225,

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