Introducing Card Management Intelligence Reporting Module in Pass-Through Web

Credit unions with a bustling back office need effective solutions to manage their cardholder accounts, perform portfolio research and maintain data integrity between their core system and payment processor. Without card management practices around inactive accounts, purging of cards, review of reissue card cycles and rewards accrual, even the biggest of credit unions have a difficult view to cardholder segmentation and targeted marketing campaigns.

That’s why FIS and Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) have developed the Card Management Intelligence Reporting Module. Scalable to any size credit union, the Card Management Intelligence (CMI) module features a series of predefined templates with a special focus on:

  • Cardholder operations
  • Risk operations
  • Issuer portfolio performance

CMI templates will enable your institution to see clearly into resident accounts, and many of the cardholder level configurations/exclusions that you engage. You can choose from unlimited use or on demand use, or simply utilize available complimentary queries for a no-cost option. Run any of the available complimentary queries as often as you like.

Real?time query results and scheduled reports are easily viewed in the CMI module. In addition, you can quickly and conveniently export all results/reports to Microsoft Excel. Each user has the ability to manage their own scheduled reports, export their delivered reports, and even establish a report password for the query at the time of request to provide enhanced security and flexibility for sharing within your credit union.

CMI templates offer the ability for your back office to work smarter, not harder. For more information including pricing and access instructions, please contact your FIS Pass-Through Client Relations Representative.


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