Strategic Link Question of the Week

We can’t find our cars—how can we increase our success ratio?

Many credit unions have come to us with the very same question—how can we increase our odds of success? Our partner Repo Remarketing offers a solution known as License Plate Camera Systems. What many credit unions do not understand is that even though their immediate repossession agent might have access to the LPR system—with Repo Remarketing the assignment goes nationwide to all agents who have the camera systems. Note of course that the agents that have access are complete in CFPB compliance and due diligence.

When the cameras scan plates, the plate number, GPS coordinates, and the date and time of the scan are all stored in a huge database that can be used in many ways. Imagine a best-case scenario: your car may have been out for repossession for 4-12 months. Once you have partnered with Repo Remarketing, the V.I.N. number and plate data are entered into the database to discover the vehicle, which had historical hits and is 300 miles away in another city. The coordinates and times are within the last year and most recently in the last week. To learn more or for more information, contact Repo Remarketing Claudia Plascencia at or contact your Strategic Link Team at


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