Andy Hines, Notable Futurist at the University of Houston Graduate Program, Slated to Speak at the NWCUA Volunteers’ Conference

Better than a crystal ball—Andy Hines shares his strategies for tracking financial trends to create practical and useful archetypes for credit unions in the future. Hines, a lecturer and executive-in-residence at the University of Houston’s Graduate Program in Futures Studies, is one of several distinguished speakers presenting at the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) Volunteers’ Conference, June 7–9 at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Wash.

The conference promises to educate credit union volunteers on how to work more efficiently and smarter. With today’s credit unions relying on the leadership skills of their elective boards to improve and promote their credit unions, Hines’ strategies can be invaluable in planning their financial tomorrows.

Hines parlays his experiences as a former Managing Director of Social Technologies/Innovaro and as an organizational consultant and academic futurist into foresight strategies that help to create action for today’s organizations. In his June 9 lecture, “Future Trends and the Impact to Financial Services”, Hines will share how analyzing North American and global trends correlate to what’s next in society, technology, the economy, the environment and in the financial industry.

“Three trends bode well for credit unions in the future if they are able to leverage them properly—first, there is the growing consumer preference for local goods and services as a way of supporting and building their community,” says Hines. “Second, consumers are looking for deeper relationships with those they choose to do business with; and third, they are looking to do business with those they can trust, as they recognize the growing complexity of financial services in an increasingly global and complex world.

Hines is also principal of his firm Hinesight, where he speaks, facilitates workshops and consults. He has written five books including the just-released “Teaching about the Future: The Basics of Foresight Education.” According to Hines, the good news for credit unions is that they have carefully built a heritage and brand message of being focused on the local community, of providing excellent customer service and building strong relationships, and for being far more trustworthy than their competition. They are poised to capitalize on all three of these trends moving into the future.

Unique to the NWCUA Volunteers’ Conference, an unprecedented learning experience is offered at a northwest location so that local CU volunteers can take full advantage. Other speakers will share governance models to make boards more efficient managing priorities, and the role Directors should play engaging the members in advocacy. These industry leaders and coaching specialists from around the country will share their ideologies and processes for improving credit union performance by understanding key issues that impact the industry. Registration is available online.


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