Yvonne Evers, Renowned CU Coach and Consultant, to Speak at the NWCUA Volunteers’ Conference

When Yvonne Evers speaks, people listen—and for good reason. Evers is the CEO of YME Coaching and Consulting LLC and well-known coaching guru to hundreds of credit union CEOs and executive boards. Her proven effectiveness and leadership training has helped push boards beyond their comfort zones and achieve—or even exceed in—accomplishing their goals.

Evers joins a number of notable speakers at the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) Volunteers’ Conference June 7-9, at the Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Wash. The conference promises to educate credit union volunteers to work more efficiently and smarter—a necessity in today’s world where credit unions rely on the leadership skills of their elective boards to improve and promote their credit unions.

According to Evers, improving the effectiveness of CEOs and credit union boards directly impacts the success of the credit union and its members. Given her background—20 years in the human resources consulting business, lead for three start-ups, accreditation from the International Coach Federation, and a fervent passion for coaching—Evers’ distinguished reputation for transforming unengaged boards into finely-tuned operational teams precedes her.

“This presentation is really a call-to-action for all credit union board members,” says Evers. “I encourage everybody to take an introspective look at the level of commitment and engagement they are providing in their role as a board member. Is that level at its peak or could it be improved?”

She shares her insights at the NWCUA Volunteers’ Conference, Saturday, June 8, as she reviews “5 Key Strategies to Reach the Top.” Her processes for board succession, CEO succession and building an environment of trust and respect are highlighted in her seminar. In addition, Evers helps executives understand how external factors impact the credit union. Each participant will receive a copy of her book Peak Credit Union Board Performance as a conference gift.

Other industry leaders and coaching specialists from around the country will share their ideologies and processes for improving credit union performance by understanding key issues that impact the industry. Volunteers will learn how to individually and collectively contribute to their own credit union legacy and to their mutual successes.


Questions? Contact Lynn Heider: 503.350.2225, lheider@nwcua.org.

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