Governor Inslee Schedules Special Session May 13

The Washington State Legislature adjourned its 105-day regular session on April 28 without passing a two-year budget. Governor Jay Inslee has convened a special session of the Legislature to begin on May 13 for the purpose of enacting a 2013-15 biennial operating and capital budget, biennial transportation budget, and ‘critical policy bills’ that the governor says need to be acted upon by the Legislature this year.

The central question around budget negotiations is the size of the budget and whether to raise taxes to improve school funding and ward off further cuts to state government. The governor and House continue to press for tax increases, which is in direct conflict with the no-new-taxes position of the Senate Majority Coalition. It remains to be seen how soon the divide can be overcome.

A new budget is needed before the next budget cycle begins July 1.

The critical policy bills that Governor Inslee has also been trying to keep alive deal with toughening drunk driving laws, keeping guns out of the hands of those who are unstable, ensuring that abortion is a choice women have in insurance plans, and letting undocumented students brought here by their parents at a young age qualify for college financial aid.

For credit unions, the 2013 session was a productive one. Legislation improving the Washington Credit Union Act was passed and signed into law last week.


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