Branch Manager

Position Primary Purpose:

Responsible for providing quality Northwest Community Credit Union service in assigned market area.

Responsible for increasing market share in market area by increasing the use of products and services by the membership. Responsible for coordination of business development in assigned market area.

Essential Functions:

Provides overall guidance of personnel activities to ensure solid team efforts toward the attainment of branch and Credit Union goals.

Promotes Credit Union programs and encourages new membership by making outside visits to existing and potential clients in the business community. Identifies their needs and determines the best approach to present the Credit Union’s services and products in order to maintain and/or generate new relationships. Represents the Credit Union and provides leadership in key community activities including business, charitable, civic, and social organizations.

Responsible to support quality/service and sales activities, including marketing input, sales results and quality/service efforts. Responsible for high quality local service in assigned market area.

Overall responsibility for employment, training, scheduling, motivating, evaluating and retaining quality staff.

Maintains a functional level of knowledge and procedural expertise in all Credit Union products and services; interacts with employees and members; provides staff members a positive, professional role model of member service and sales through personal example.

Responsible for the coordination of all operations of facilities in local market area.

Uses effective and efficient cost control methods to reduce operating costs within assigned duties.

Responsible to conduct ongoing analysis of branch work flows and activities for the purpose of recommending improvements and more efficient processes.

Ensures personnel adherence to policies and procedures.

Utilizes knowledge to answer difficult questions, to explain specific policies and procedures, and to solve complex problems for members and staff.

Responsible for the coordination of sales of all credit union and CUSO products and services in assigned market area.

Responsible for the preparation of reports as requested by the Service Center Coordinator and management.

Non-Essential Functions:

Oversees the arrangements for the proper maintenance of the interior and exterior of the branch and all existing equipment; observes all safety rules to ensure maximum safety and security of members, employees, and credit union assets.

Keeps abreast of trends and developments with competitors through such activities as reading publications, contacting counterparts in other organizations, and attending meetings, seminars, and special events.
Consistently read and respond to all correspondence, including emails.

Successfully complete required compliance training annually.

Perform additional duties as assigned and work in other departments and branches as required.


Br Mgr I – Branches with average assets* of less than $30 million
Br Mgr II – Branches with average assets between $30 and $50 million **
Br Mgr III – Branches with average assets greater than $50 million **
Branch Managers who oversee more than one branch may be bumped up one level and will generally receive a monthly stipend while managing the additional branch(es).
* Average assets = (Loans + deposits) / 2
** Averages asset level maintained for the last 12 months

Position Qualifications

Previous Experience: Four or more years of progressively responsible management experience within a financial organization to have gained necessary experience and background knowledge to manage a facility and to deal effectively with employee and member relations matters.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field preferred. Equivalent work experience in business management may substitute for the degree.

Demonstrated Abilities:

A thorough knowledge of operations to coordinate the daily functioning of the facility, and to resolve employee and member problems.

Complete familiarity with credit unions’ savings, checking, and lending policies and guidelines, as well as specific loan programs, qualifications, insurance, etc., to provide full savings and loan services.

The interpersonal skills necessary to represent the Credit Union in a professional, friendly, business like manner.

High level of public speaking skills.

Ability to relate management goals and objectives to budgets and action plans, focusing on increasing profitability while maintaining superior member service.

Ability to train, motivate, and supervise employees, and to maintain an effective schedule of work flow within the branch.

Ability to cope with pressure resulting from meeting schedules, supervising employees, and dealing with impatient, irate members.

Ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment in interpreting policies and procedures, making exceptions as required.

Proficient in written and oral communication skills.

Ability to make decisions, take action, and accept responsibility for results.

Ability to act appropriately in a business-like manner in any situation.

Working Conditions:


Continuous standing and/or sitting for long periods of time when providing member services or performing other duties related to the position. Occasional lifting up to 10 pounds. Occasional bending, squatting, or kneeling to reach supplies on ground level. Occasional reaching above shoulder level to reach supplies overhead. Continuous use of hands in repetitive tasks such as simple grasping, twisting/turning of wrists; finger dexterity to perform various accounting duties such as using a 10 key calculator, typing, and entering data into the computer system. Continuous speaking and hearing for interactions with members and coworkers. Frequent clarity of vision at 20 inches or less for normal processing of members’ transactions. Occasional clarity of vision at 20 feet or more for security purposes.


Continuous alertness, precision, and concentration to ensure accuracy and thoroughness of documents and transactions. Continuous alertness of surroundings for security purposes. Frequent performing of basic numeric calculations, as well as writing, reading, comparing, and analyzing. Frequent use of judgment, reasoning, patience, and negotiating in solving members’ problems and cross selling services. Continuous use of initiative, ingenuity, and creativity in identifying members’ needs, solving members’ problems, and in actively cross selling Credit Union services and products.

Frequent supervision and instructing of others. Continuous memory demands in recalling Credit Union policies, services, and state and federal regulations.


Length of workday is unpredictable. May have to work long hours because of computer failure, unusually heavy member traffic or extended business meetings. Exposed to potentially hazardous condition, i.e., robbery. Receives detailed instructions and procedures to be followed to minimize the risk. Occasional travel is required.

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