Catalyst Corporate Launches Mobile Website

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union’s nearly 1,300 member credit unions now have more convenient on-the-go access, as Catalyst Corporate this month became one of the first corporate credit unions to offer a mobile-optimized website:

In a recent survey of its membership, Catalyst Corporate found that 86 percent of the 363 responding credit union CEOs use smartphones.

“An increasing number of credit union executives on the go want—and need—to connect to their daily activities by smartphones and tablets,” said Kathy Garner, president and CEO of Catalyst Corporate. “Developing a mobile site that increases convenience for our member-owners is one way Catalyst Corporate can deliver on our promise to provide efficient, innovative products and services.”

Catalyst Corporate’s member credit unions—and potential member credit unions—can access current rates, upcoming events such as training and conferences, due diligence reports, product information and news on the mobile site. To increase the efficiency and convenience, visitors can call or email with just a couple taps.

The corporate’s traditional website currently averages 5,600 visits a day, up 33 percent from a year ago. Garner said that by 2014, experts predict more people will access the web through a mobile device than through a computer.

“It’s evident that the mobile platform will serve as a foundation for services of the future. The launch of our mobile website will help Catalyst Corporate stay ahead of the curve and prepare for future mobile development,” Garner said.

Catalyst Corporate’s mobile website also incorporates a search feature, departmental contact information and a link to the corporate’s full website.

Recent surveys report that about half of U.S. adults now own smartphones or tablets, and that number is growing. To help natural person credit unions serve their mobile members, Catalyst Corporate also provides a mobile banking app and mobile capture remote deposit – available as standalone products or combined for a comprehensive mobile banking solution.

For more information on Catalyst Corporate mobile solutions, email or call 800-442-5763.


Strategic Link is the NWCUA’s wholly-owned service corporation, providing the Association’s member credit unions with exclusive high-quality, competitively-priced products and discounted services. To learn more about how the Association’s partnership with Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union can benefit your credit union, contact Director of Strategic Partnerships Craig Reed: 206.340.4789,

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