Red Canoe Teams with New York Credit Union to Compare ‘Apples to Apples’

In the spirit of credit union “coopetition,” Red Canoe Credit Union is partnering with New York-based Empower Credit Union to implement a joint employee sales promotion called “Apples to Apples,” allowing staff from both coasts to share best practices and challenges with their counterparts across the country.

Just as the name connects Washington apples to the New York’s well-known “Big Apple” nickname, the innovative sales promotion will connect staff members at both credit unions to share successes and challenges of the loan buyout process. Entirely housed in a dedicated website with blogging capabilities, employees at each credit union will have the opportunity to share real-time challenges and success stories while networking with other professionals in their field.

“We met Empower Credit Union while networking at a conference and quickly realized we had several training initiatives in common,” said Rod Snyder, assistant vice president of sales and branch performance at Red Canoe. “We had a common goal of helping our members save as much money as possible and decided by working together, we could create something that perhaps has never been done before.”

Each credit union brings different internal talents to Apples to Apples that, when combined, create a stronger and more efficient training program.

“The program was designed to build on the strengths both credit unions already housed,” said Ken Kelly, training and development manager at Red Canoe. “Specifically, Empower Credit Union has an extensive database tracking system and excels in data management. Likewise, Red Canoe has a unique internal brand and sales culture that has been finely tuned over the years with the support of our senior management team.”

The Apples to Apples promotion has been in development for the past five months and is set to launch to sales staff at both credit unions in April.

“We have been working together via teleconference since early November, and now we are at a weekly meeting point,” said Michelle Trakas, Red Canoe’s sales and service training manager. “We are excited to calculate and report how much money we are saving our members across the country. Hard to believe kickoff is just weeks away!”


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