Diebold, CO-OP Pilot Face-to-Face Video Technology at ATMs

Diebold and CO-OP Financial Services—two Strategic Link business partners—have partnered with Mountain America Credit Union to pilot Diebold Concierge Video Services, an innovative product that enhances the automated teller machine (ATM) experience by connecting users face-to-face with customer service representatives.

The revolutionary service enables members to speak directly with the credit union from the ATM to ask questions, review marketing opportunities and complete any call center-capable transaction.

“Whether Mountain America’s members have questions, need to resolve an issue or even want to respond to a marketing offer, they’ll be able to speak live, via video, with a customer service representative and complete their business on the spot,” said Mychal D. Kempt, Diebold’s vice president of North American operations. “This represents a whole new way of doing business at the self-service channel.”

Implemented directly into Diebold Opteva ATMs, Diebold Concierge Video Services transforms the self-service channel with enhanced consumer service, expanded access to financial services experts and advanced targeted marketing efforts. During transactions, consumers have the option to initiate a video call to complete activities not traditionally conducted at the ATM, such as account maintenance, new account setup and savings product renewals. This immediate access to support enriches consumers’ ATM experiences and saves them time.

The ability to incorporate face-to-face video interactions into ATM experiences is made possible by Diebold and CO-OP Financial Services’ unique areas of expertise. Diebold supports member identification and video services, and CO-OP Financial Services provides network access and terminal capabilities.

“Bringing video support to the ATM offers financial institutions the ability to enhance their self-service capabilities and improve member experiences,” said Stan Hollen, CO-OP’s president and CEO. “It enables greater personalized service and offers consumers a convenient way to interact in a more meaningful manner with their institutions.”

Concierge Video Services also allows institutions to engage in one-to-one marketing using Diebold’s Agilis Campaign Office self-service marketing solution. For example, the software can notify an ATM user about promotional savings rates and offer to connect the user to a representative via video to explore options.

Mountain America’s Concierge Video Services pilot follows a successful trial conducted by Missoula Federal Credit Union on walk-up ATMs. By conducting member adoption testing on  drive-thru ATMs, Mountain America’s trial will provide additional perspective about how to tailor video technology to the varied needs of banking consumers. The credit union is piloting the video services on existing drive-up Opteva ATMs at two Salt Lake City area branches.


Strategic Link is the NWCUA’s wholly-owned service corporation, providing the Association’s member credit unions with exclusive high-quality, competitively-priced products and discounted services. To learn more about how the Association’s partnerships with Diebold and CO-OP Financial Services can benefit your credit union, contact Director of Strategic Partnerships Craig Reed: 206.340.4789, creed@nwcua.org.

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