Financial Service Representative

Position Primary Purpose: Provides a Premier eXperience for every visitor.

Essential Functions:

  • Eagerly greet people who enter the branch by approaching them with a smile and an offered handshake.
  • Engage member /visitor in conversation by asking questions and listening to responses.
  • Uncover perceived/unperceived needs that each member/visitor has through conversation and recommend appropriate solutions or make a referral to a Senior
  • Financial Service Representative who can.
  • Accurately and efficiently performs all visitor transactions.
  • Respond to all forms of communication in a timely manner (e-mail, voicemail, etc.)
  • Successfully complete required compliance training annually
  • Non-Essential Functions:
  • Perform additional duties as assigned and work in other departments and branches as required.

Position Qualifications

Previous Experience: A minimum of one years’ length of service in a sales environment.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent preferred. Courses related to finance would be valuable.

Demonstrated Abilities:

  • Ability and confidence to engage any individual in conversation.
  • High level of knowledge and procedural expertise in the savings and certificate programs, loan types offered, and the features and benefits of all Credit Union services and products required.
  • Strong, well developed interpersonal, communication, and interviewing skills to determine existing and/or potential member’s needs. Demonstrated ability to communicate with members in a business like manner which will enhance the Credit Union’s overall image.
  • Ability to organize work in order to give prompt attention to member’s request, while at the same time meeting deadlines for work processing.
  • Demonstrated skills in member related account transactions. Ability to interpret and explain Credit Union policies and transactions posted to members’ accounts.
  • Ability to cross sell Credit Union products and services effectively and accurately.
  • Ability to function effectively as a member of a team or on individual tasks and assignments.
  • Capability for effective use of office equipment and data processing systems to perform duties as required.

Working Conditions:


Continuous standing and walking throughout the workday. Occasional sitting for periods of time when providing services to members. Occasional lifting up to 25 pounds. Frequent bending, squatting, or kneeling to reach supplies on ground level. Occasional reaching above shoulder level for supplies overhead. Continuous use of hands in repetitive tasks such as simple grasping, twisting/turning of wrists; finger dexterity to perform various clerical duties such as typing, writing, and handling money. Continuous speaking and hearing for interaction with members and coworkers. Continuous clarity of vision at 20 inches or less for normal processing of members’ transactions. Continuous clarity of vision at 20 feet or more for security purposes.


Continuous alertness, precision, and concentration to ensure accuracy and thoroughness of documentation and transactions. Continuous alertness of surroundings for security purposes. Continuous performance of basic numeric calculations, as well as writing, reading, comparing, and analyzing. Frequent use of judgment, reasoning, patience, and negotiation in solving members’ problems. Frequent use of initiative and problem solving ability in identifying members’ needs and in actively cross selling Credit Union services and products. Continuous memory demands in recalling people, Credit Union policies, services, and state and federal regulations.


Length of workday is unpredictable. May have to work long hours to balance books because of computer failure or unusually heavy member traffic. Exposed to potentially hazardous condition, i.e., robbery. Receives detailed instructions and procedures to be followed to minimize the risk. Occasional travel is required.

To Apply

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