iQ Credit Union Raises the Bar for Credit Union Day at the Capitol

The I-5 Corridor will be busy the morning of Feb. 7 as a caravan of iQ Credit Union advocates heads north for Credit Union Day at the Capitol.

The credit union has enlisted a record 15 team members to attend.

Troy Stang, president and CEO of the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA), said the credit union has “set a standard for their peers statewide” and commended CEO Roger Michaelis for his support.

The Association’s annual event is taking a different approach this year, asking both experienced advocates as well as those who’ve never met a legislator to come to share the credit union story.

“We want record attendance,” emphasized Mark Minickiello, vice president of legislative affairs. “Legislators want to meet real credit union members and employees who are on the front lines with those members every day. These are the people who can best share the passion and tell the story of how credit unions make communities better.”

Minickiello called the iQ registration “outstanding” and asked other credit unions to match attendance. Registration is still open, he noted.

Advocacy training and meetings with legislators are all taking place in one day, requiring no overnight stay. A large tent is being pitched on the grounds of the capitol for training meetings before the attendees fan out for meetings with lawmakers.

Of particular interest to Credit Union Day attendees will be the House Education Committee’s hearing on HB 1173, which seeks to give more clout to the Financial Education Public-Private Partnership as well as to strengthen Washington’s financial education requirements.

During Credit Union Day at the Capitol, volunteers will also provide legislators with a live, interactive demonstration of the financial education that credit unions routinely provide. They will host high school students in a Financial Reality Fair which challenges the students to budget within their means.

 “We are in our communities reaching out every day,” said Kasey Rockwell, director of outreach programs for NWCUA. “Having the Reality Fair in Olympia on Credit Union Day is so appropriate, and we hope every legislator will come to the GA Auditorium between 8:30 and 12:30 that day to see what we are all about.”


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