Invest In America: Support Financial Literacy with ‘Biz Kid$’

The credit union movement has long supported financial education. In fact, more than 290 credit unions and leagues have collectively raised $13 million in funding over the last five years to support the “Biz Kid$” Financial Literacy Initiative.

The main goal of “Biz Kid$” is to establish it as the premier financial literacy delivery mechanism for students and to increase the awareness of financial literacy concepts to kids nationwide. Your credit union can help make this goal a reality by allocating just 10 percent of your Invest in America Sprint marketing incentive to “Biz Kid$.” Your contribution to “Biz Kid$” will support an important initiative that brands America’s credit unions as a premier sponsor of teaching consumers about responsible money management.

By allocating a small portion of your incentive, you’ll continue to support an important initiative that maximizes the credit union’s investment in financial education for America’s youth through “Biz Kid$.” In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Lisa Treat or Nancy Sawicki at 800.262.6285 or, or contact Danielle Brown, “Biz Kid$” program coordinator for the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), at 971.295.6800 or

Apply for New NCUF ‘Biz Kid$’ Financial Education Grants

Credit union organizations can now apply for new “Biz Kid$” Financial Education Grants from the NCUF through March 31, 2013.

“There is a need to improve the financial literacy skills of the youth in America and “Biz Kid$” is the perfect vehicle to address that need,” Brown said. “We are looking to fund innovative programs that improve the financial education of youth through the use of the ‘Biz Kid$’ program and encourage you to apply.”

The application can be found here.

Grants Aligned with ‘Biz Kid$’

“Biz Kid$” is a financial literacy initiative launched nationally in January 2008 that teaches kids about money and business. The initiative includes an award-winning TV series, free classroom curriculum, outreach activities, and a website ( targeting children 9–16 years old. The NCUF is responsible for the fundraising and outreach of the program, and a coalition of over 290 credit unions and affiliates from across the country have helped exclusively fund “Biz Kid$”. The number one goal of the “Biz Kid$” financial literacy initiative is to teach kids from upper elementary through high school to understand and incorporate the skills they need to successfully manage their financial lives. The goal of NCUF’s “Biz Kid$” Financial Education Grants is to extend the reach of the series beyond broadcast into the community.

What the Grants Fund

“Biz Kid$” Financial Education Grants may be used to fund innovative programs that improve the financial education of youth through the use of the “Biz Kid$” program. Projects may engage teachers, students, education leaders, local PBS stations, or community stakeholders through events, activities, and/or curriculum distribution. Each project should create innovative and engaging activities incorporating “Biz Kid$” materials. The overall grant objective is to engage the credit union movement in using “Biz Kid$” and its curriculum to build students financial literacy and economic education skills while increasing awareness and usage of “Biz Kid$”. Funds may not be used as a cash donation to a third party.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants include credit unions, CUSOs, state credit union associations, state credit union foundations, and any other organizations owned or controlled by credit unions.

Questions about “Biz Kid$” or the grant process can be directed to Danielle Brown at (971) 295-6800 or via email at

‘Biz Kid$’ – Teaching Kids about Money & Business

Many credit unions leverage “Biz Kid$” to teach financial education in schools in their community. In addition to NCUF’s box sets and starter kits, companion materials and other resources for teachers and parents are available at no cost on the “Biz Kid$” website, The site also features clips from the series and invites kids to appear on the show.

“Biz Kid$” has continually garnered attention in and outside of the credit union industry. In its five seasons, “Biz Kid$” has garnered ten Emmy nominations—winning once in 2009—and rang the closing bell ceremonies at both the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Exchange for the past three years in conjunction with National Financial Literacy Month. “Biz Kid$” also recently earned the Parent’s Choice Silver Award. In 2010, it also won the credit union industry’s most prestigious honor, the Herb Wegner Award for Outstanding Program.


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