First Tech Completes Unique ATM Fleet Upgrade

First Tech Federal Credit Union completed the installation last month of an entirely new fleet of customized automated teller machines (ATMs). First Tech’s new ATMs make its members’ banking experiences easier and faster, while adding increased fraud protection features. The new fleet is easy to use and free from envelopes, hassle, worry and fees.

“Our members lead busy lives, and we’re here to make their banking as easy as possible—even when it comes to an ATM visit,” said Doug Marshall, chief membership officer for First Tech Federal Credit Union. “To us, this wasn’t just a machine upgrade, but an experience upgrade. We’ve worked really hard to create an effortless experience for our members—from the overall machine design including bag hooks and cup holders, to customizable, on-screen functionality to make repeat transactions faster. Instead of flashy, non-functional features, we’ve created an ATM that is efficient, secure and allows our members to make quick, monetary transactions and get on with their daily lives.”

First Tech’s new fleet brings several convenience and security offerings to members to make their banking experience easier, quicker and safer.

  • Free from envelopes:
    • Envelope-free Deposits: To save time, members can insert multiple checks or cash directly into the machine at one time, with the option of having an image of the check printed on the receipt. 
  • Free from hassle:
    • Personal Preferences: To further speed up a trip to the ATM, members have the option to set personal preferences, including their favorite fast cash amount and receipt printing preferences which are saved for the next visit. 
    • Convenience Hooks: On select machines, First Tech has added hooks that members can use to hang a handbag, a coat or even Fido’s leash to make it easier to finish a transaction.
    • Cup Trays: First Tech has also added cup trays to select machines, which also double as a writing table for signing checks or other needs.
  • Free from worry:
    • Dip Card Readers: Each machine has a dip card reader, eliminating the need to fully insert a card into the machine. Once the member removes the card from the reader, the transaction begins. Dip readers provide better fraud protection from card skimmers and prevent members from forgetting their cards.
    • PIN-based Multiple Transactions: To further protect against fraud, each transaction requires a separate PIN validation. This prevents the common practice of walking away from the ATM without completely ending a session.
  • Free from fees:
    • First Tech members and CO-OP Network cardholders can use any First Tech ATM for free.

“In planning our ATM upgrade, we solicited member feedback to fully understand their desires and what effortless banking really meant to them,” continued Marshall. “We feel we’ve created an experience that puts our members’ needs at the forefront, and really positions First Tech as the industry catalyst for effortless banking.”

First Tech partnered with NCR, the country’s leading ATM provider, and Companion Systems, the recognized leader in ATM branding solutions, to develop its new fleet.

“First Tech understands that technology is more than just faster speeds and new equipment – it’s about the positive experience they are creating for their members,” said Michael O’Laughlin, senior vice president for NCR Financial Services. “NCR believes just as strongly that technology can improve member satisfaction. With our faster and easier intelligent deposit SelfServ ATMs, First Tech will beable to improve their member experience and put time back in their members’ days.”

“First Tech Federal Credit Union engaged us with some very different and challenging parameters for the purpose of differentiating their ATM brand,” said Al Tiley, president and CEO of Companion Systems. “Our engineers and designers worked closely with First Tech’s marketing department to come up with a modern, original design that would make the customers experience effortless, secure and convenient.”


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