Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit a Chance to Impact Statewide Economic Initiative

The Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit is scheduled for Dec. 3, 2012.  Register now for a chance to discuss Oregon’s top opportunities to create jobs and raise incomes in 2013.

The agenda will include:

Education and workforce training:  Strengthening the work skills of Oregonians is a top priority of businesses across the state.  What proposals will policymakers take up in 2013 to help every student succeed, meet the ambitious 40/40/20 goals, and revamp Oregon’s system of higher education?

The governor’s new budget:  The budget is due to the legislature two days before the Summit.  What’s in it and how will the new budget process affect the way the state government operates?

Transportation infrastructure:  2013 is do-or-die for the Columbia River Crossing.  Are policymakers ready to move this  project forward to create jobs today and strengthen Oregon’s export economy for the future?

Regional initiatives:  

Forests:  Are Oregon and the U.S. ready to create jobs in the woods protecting our federal forests from catastrophic fires, keeping our remaining mills from closing, and generating needed revenue for schools, public safety and other services? 

Water:  As the Oregonian reported this weekend, farmers and conservationists are working to create a win-win for fish and agriculture in Northeast Oregon with a new approach to water access from the Columbia River.  Will they succeed?        

Exports:  What does the proposed development of the Port of Coos Bay mean for the region and for the state?  Can the Portland region double its exports in five years and create thousands of new jobs? 

Regional leaders will discuss these and other initiatives affecting their communities, and ask for the support of statewide leaders.


Health care:  Oregon’s recent progress on healthcare reform has drawn national recognition.  What are the next steps to ensure affordable and reliable coverage for Oregonians and Oregon businesses?

Economic innovation: The Oregon Innovation Council just adopted the 2013 Innovation Plan.  What’s in it and what does it mean for jobs and incomes in the long run?

Industrial lands:  Is Oregon ready to grow its manufacturing base?  Not according to a recent study.  What initiatives can the governor and legislature pursue in 2013 to get industrial sites ready for high-wage, traded sector companies?

Regulation and permitting:  An advisory committee just delivered a regulatory streamlining road-map to the Governor.  What are the 2013 action items and will they be accomplished?

PERS:  The newly announced PERS rates will take a major toll on classrooms and other public services across the state.  What options are on the table to stabilize costs?  Are Oregonians ready to put aside their differences and work together to address this growing challenge?     

…and more 

Join the Oregon Business Plan on Dec. 3, 2012, to make plans for creating jobs and raising incomes across Oregon. Register today at www.oregonleadershipsummit.org.

The Oregon Business Plan is an effort by the state’s business leaders to create 25,000 new jobs across Oregon each year and raise Oregon’s per capita income above the national average. The Plan is a collaborative effort among several business leaders and business associations, developed in close partnership with Oregon’s elected leadership.  

“We envision achieving the Business Plan goals by growing diverse, thriving clusters of industries that are global leaders in product design and innovation,” the Oregon Business Plan wrote in a recent email. “The strategy to boost these industries is to improve the conditions necessary for them to succeed: talented people, greater productivity, quality of place, and pioneering innovation—what we call the 4Ps for prosperity.”


Questions? Contact a member of the Association’s Legislative Affairs team:

Pam Leavitt, Policy Advisor
Jennifer Wagner, Vice President of Legislative Advocacy
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