Help Your Members Stay Safe and on Budget with Turnkey Holiday Shopping Media Packet

According to internet Retailer online magazine, online shopping will increase by 17 percent this year as consumer spend an expected $54.47 billion cyber-shopping. Consumers are expected to spend an additional $520 billion shopping at traditional stores, with the average consumer spending approximately $800.

This mix of money and excitement for season creates opportunities for consumers to overspend and for criminals to take advantage of cost-conscious consumers. Luckily, there are easy way for credit unions to take a lead role in empowering consumers to protect themselves, including reaching out to your local media giving them simple ideas to make an increasingly complicated holiday safe for everyone.

According to the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) Vice President of Public Relations and Communications, doing this is pretty easy as long as the reporter has a real person to source the valuable information.

“It’s the Holiday season, and post-election many reporters need good consumer -centric stories to cover,” says Heider. “Reaching out to them, either by phone or email, with a solid story pitch could net a credit union marketer some fantastic earned media.”

The NWCUA has created for its members a turnkey pitch and news release to accomplish precisely this. It includes not only tips to stay safe while cyber shopping, but strategies anyone can use to keep their spending in check and on budget.

“Credit unions can use this information alone or in tandem with other credit unions,” says Heider. “What’s important is that consumers get the message.”

The media packet includes a few valuable links to resources, and a teaser to a Credit Union National Association  and Consumer Federation of America consumer survey indicating what percentage of consumers intend to spend more, and how concerned consumers feel about the debt load they are carrying.

“By reaching out to reporters early with valuable information that they and their readers can use, credit unions are creating a value added proposition that will be hard to ignore,” added Heider.

The NWCUA media packet can be found here.


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