F.I.S.T. Brings Oregon Financial Institutions Together to Fight Crime

Financial institutions in Oregon are teaming up to help reduce crimes committed against financial institutions—and by doing so, to promote the safety of Oregon financial institution staff and members.

The Financial Institutions Security Task Force (F.I.S.T.), a cooperative effort made up of representatives from banks, savings and loans, and credit unions, as well as representatives from local, state and federal law enforcement, provides a forum for Oregon’s law enforcement community and financial institutions to meet and discuss crimes against financial institutions. In addition, during the quarterly meetings, guest speakers provide presentations and resources for Oregon financial institutions to enhance their robbery, fraud, and physical security knowledge and awareness.

F.I.S.T. stimulates public assistance through media news events and by providing rewards and posters for recent bank robberies. In addition, participating financial institutions have access to fraud and scam alerts that are shared between Oregon financial institutions.

Being a cooperative effort, F.I.S.T. is co-chaired by a representative of a bank and a representative of a credit union.

“What I love most about F.I.S.T. is that while we may be competing industries, we leave that at the door when we get together,” said NW Priority Credit Union’s Connie Torgerson, the current co-chair representing credit unions. “F.I.S.T. is all about us (the financial institutions and law enforcement) against them (the bad guys).”

F.I.S.T. also provides a place to network and establish contacts with other financial institutions and law enforcement. The partnership and connections made greatly enhance the sharing of relevant information regarding financial institutions crimes.


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