MAP Introduces In-Branch Gift Card Displays

By Cyndie Martini, President and CEO, Member Access Pacific

For a credit union looking to increase member satisfaction, in-branch gift card displays are an excellent way to enhance members’ branch experience.

In a recent conversation I had with Jim Grabow, who started Wal-Mart’s Gift and Prepaid program, he said, “Cards displayed on racks in branches can increase card sales ten-fold” for the financial institutions that he has helped to implement Visa-branded prepaid cards.

This is true for both gift cards and for general purpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid cards. Given this opportunity—and the fast-approaching holiday shopping season—there is no better time to deploy in-branch gift card displays for 2012.

Drawing on Member Access Pacific’s (MAP’s) years of experience implementing prepaid card programs, we have developed a seamless and stress-free program to deploy and implement in-branch gift card displays in single- and multiple-branch credit unions.

If you are interested in bringing gift card displays to your credit union, I encourage you to review the one-page in-branch gift card displays overview. Want to learn more about who is buying gift cards? Check out our new white paper: Understanding Gift Card Buyers.

Want to get started now with an in-branch gift card program? Complete the in-branch gift card deployment form and send it to Herb Tajalle or Bryan Elder. We’ll have you up and running in no time.

Don’t have a Gift Card program at your credit union?

There may be no better time to start. From today until Jan. 1, 2013, MAP is offering free implementation for your institution. That means you can get started with the full-featured, reloadable Visa Prepaid Card and the Visa Gift Card for only the cost of the cards.

Already have a Prepaid or Gift program?

There is no better time to change. MAP offers the lowest-priced product on the market today. MAP prepaids have no monthly fee, no activation fee and no maintenance fees. Your members only incur a fee when they elect to use a service.

To receive more information about MAP Prepaid & Gift Cards and get a free $10 card trial, visit our MAP Prepaids website.

For more information about starting a Prepaid and Gift Card program at your credit union. Contact Herb Tajalle at (866-598-0698 x1616) or Bryan Elder at (866-598-0698 x1624).


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