ICU Day Wrap-Up: Northwest Credit Unions Raise Spirits, Awareness

Credit unions have observed International Credit Union (ICU) Day every October for more than 30 years by hosting events, treating their members to something extra, and just generally going out of their way to share and celebrate the credit union difference.

Last Thursday, credit unions around the nation basked in the glow of their special day—and they shared that warmth with their members in a number of creative ways.

Unitus Community Credit Union promoted ICU Day in its branches, on its website and through social media. Members were invited to stop by a Unitus branch for light refreshments, a token of appreciation (Unitus-branded fingertip-sized microfiber smartphone screen cleaner), and to grab a Halloween-themed goody bag and ICU Day coloring sheet for the kids. Leading up to Thursday, the credit union also provided international recipes for members to enjoy.

TAPCO Credit Union had member treats and logo goodies at each branch—including the drive-through—and employees went out of their way to thank each member for their business.

Each Northwest Community Credit Union branch served delicious international pastries from local eateries to celebrate the day with members. We had a wide variety of flavors- Hungarian, German, Mexican, and French.

NW Community CU Roseburg ICUDayBlogger Matt Trent also discussed the power of the Kiva loan system and Northwest Community’s new media team’s involvement in his blog post here.

“In this spirit of improving communities by supporting real people, the social media team at Northwest Community decided to get involved with a couple years ago. Kiva is an avenue that connects people in poorer and financially underserved countries with people willing to offer them loans they otherwise wouldn’t get,” Trent wrote. “We’ve helped Munria in Tajikistan purchase cattle to supplement her small teacher’s salary. Zenaida in the Philippines used her loan to buy fertilizer in an effort to expand her rice business that has been running for over 15 years. Moeun in Cambodia used her loan to improve her home, which has fallen into disrepair and was threatening to undermine her farming/basket-making/firewood selling business. And Marciano in Peru has an increasingly successful cocoa bean business that he is looking to grow, and is using his loan for fertilizer.”

Oregon Community Credit Union celebrated International Credit Union in several ways, including:

  • Decorating branches and the corporate office lobby with balloons and an ICU Day poster;
  • Serving cookies at branches and in the corporate office lobby;
  • Posting about ICU Day on Twitter and on the credit union’s Facebook page;
  • Promoting ICU Day on the credit union’s homepage; and
  • Writing a blog post about ICU Day and creating a special video just for ICU Day.

BECU hosted an awards ceremony at which four housing organizations received grants. The credit union also recognized its Member Volunteer of the Year.

“We had a lot of fun yesterday,” Julie Hill, vice president of marketing for iQ Credit Union. “We opted out of providing treats in the branches this year. Instead we partnered with a local espresso stand and gave away free coffee to our members who drove through. In addition, we asked our members to post what they like best about our credit union on our Facebook page. We then selected a random fan who commented and gave them a $100 Marriot Travel Card. It was heartwarming to read all the amazing comments that our members posted. In general we tried to have fun and thank our membership for choosing iQ.”

Linn-Co CU ICUDayMembers stopping by a Linn-Co Federal Credit Union on Thursday were treated to hot apple cider, donut holes and a prize.

Connection Credit Union celebrated with posters, juice and cookies, and international flags hung from the ceiling. Connection’s member service representatives (MSRs) wore the ICU Day “Members Matter Most” t-shirts, and many of the credit union’s staff members attended the Kitsap County Chapter of Credit Unions chapter meeting that celebrated International Credit Union Day and Credit Union For Kids.

Thursday night was also Connection’s monthly board meeting for board members and management staff, giving them another option to highlight ICU Day.

“We had quite a full day!” said Claudette Tulp.

Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU) handed out branded chocolate, a variety of other treats and kids goody bags during the week, and the credit union also hosted a free member shred day on the weekend.

“While International Credit Union Week was a big focus for WECU, we did tie our October celebration into a Whatcom County-wide, year-long pro-co-op campaign that ramped up in October but has actually been going all year,” said Amanda Drake, marketing representative for WECU. “We’ve been working with a coalition of local cooperative businesses that have spent the year celebrating ‘International Year of the Co-op.’ This group collaborated on a county-wide yard sign campaign with signs for members and staff, the signs say: ‘Proud Co-op Member!’ and ‘This Family Supported by Co-op Dollars.’ We also put together stickers and bumper stickers that we’ve made available to members with the same ‘Proud Co-op Member’ message. During October several group members had posted pro-co-op reader-board messages, and through the year we’ve collaborated on a co-promoted a number of co-op celebrations and events.”


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