Newly Elected Foundation Board United in Support of Credit Union Community

The results of the election for the Northwest Credit Union Foundation (NWCUF) board of trustees have been certified, and the incoming trustees will be seated at the next board meeting on Oct. 2, 2012.

Nine Foundation trustees are now in place, with Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) President Troy Stang joining eight credit union professionals who each represent one of the NWCUA’s geographic districts. Five of the eight incoming trustees were elected unopposed.

Lesley Carrell, senior vice president of marketing at Fibre Federal Credit Union and a trustee representing District 6, served on the Washington Credit Union Foundation (WCUF) board beginning in 2008. She said the newly chosen members of the first merged Foundation board have come together in support of a common mission.

“I think the two boards had very similar goals, which is why the merger made so much sense in the first place,” Carrell said. “I believe the merged board is totally on board with our new philosophy and purpose, which is to cultivate opportunities and develop leaders that improve the well-being of our communities. We plan on doing this by ‘acting as a catalyst to spark cooperative innovation and develop a new generation of leaders, for the betterment of its members and their communities.’ The combined board remains committed to developing leaders within the credit union community, and helping credit unions to provide community education and financial literacy.”

The Foundation has also been working with Weber Marketing to develop new branding and imaging to accompany its vision, and the fruits of that work will be showcased at the 2012 NWCUA Convention and Annual Business Meeting in October.

“I am excited to share the vision and brand we have developed as part of bringing together two proactive organizations,” said Kyle Frick, vice president of marketing at Mid Oregon Credit Union and the board’s District 3 representative. “During the process of merging the Oregon and Washington Foundations, we found that we have an important function to provide relevant leadership for Northwest credit unions, members and communities.”

The next stop in the Foundation’s governance process is to expand the board to 17 members, adding three trustees representing credit unions by asset size and five additional at-large trustees through a formal nomination and appointment process. A transitional executive committee will also be seated at the Oct. 2 meeting to serve through Dec. 31, 2012.

“We are looking forward to engaging with our communities to leverage our resources and expand the reach of credit unions,” Frick said. “We have a passionate, vibrant board of volunteers who are committed to providing support for small credit unions and emerging credit union leaders, [helping with] disaster relief, and building both financial literacy and consumer awareness of credit unions. We have a bright future and much work to do.”


The current NWCUF board of trustees is:


Incoming NWCUF Trustees


Credit Union/Organization


Helen Funk


Rogue Federal Credit Union


Steve Wilder


Horizon Credit Union


Kyle Frick


Mid Oregon Credit Union


Jill Nowacki


MAPs Credit Union


Barbara Mathey


IBEW & United Workers Federal Credit Union


Lesley Carrell


Fibre Federal Credit Union


Jane Parker


Woodstone Credit Union


Gayle Yost


Community Healthcare Federal Credit Union


Troy Stang


Northwest Credit Union Foundation



Questions? Contact Foundation Development Associate Josalyn Alston: 206.340.4814,

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