Compliance Question of the Week

What are potential financial concerns that may be red flags of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult?

Financial exploitation of vulnerable adults may take on many different forms. Here are some common concerns a member may mention that could potentially be red flags when it comes to vulnerable adults.

  • I have trouble paying bills because the bills are confusing to me.
  • I don’t feel confident making big financial decisions alone.
  • I don’t understand financial decisions that someone else is making for me.
  • I give loans or gifts more than I can afford.
  • My children or others are pressuring me to give them money.
  • People are calling me or mailing me asking for money, saying I won a lottery.
  • Someone is accessing my accounts or money seems to be disappearing.

Of course, these are just a few of the more common red flags, so please ask as many questions as you need.


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