Think You Are Safe With Regard to the SAFE Registry? Think Again.

The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) and Registry, the registry for mortgage loan originators, has warned users that its renew status report contains errors. According to the registry, the renewal status of some mortgage loan originators is noted in the report as “exempt” when their status should be listed as “eligible for renewal.”

The online Renewal Activity Report is generated annually on July 1 to help institutions to prepare for the upcoming registration renewal season.

The NMLS website states, “Until this issue is resolved, institutions should not rely on this report to determine who is required to renew to maintain an active registration for 2013.”

The NMLS is working to resolve the issue and will provide updates as appropriate on its Resource Center website.

Questions? Contact the Compliance Hotline: 1.800.546.4465,

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