Become a Certified Credit Union Volunteer

Board members looking to sharpen their credit union acumen and take their volunteer duties to the next level are encouraged to attend CUNA Volunteer Certification School, a week-long comprehensive program scheduled for late September.

CUNA Volunteer Certification School takes place from September 23-28 in Long Beach, Calif. Over the course of the training, board members will dive deep into the complex credit union issues they face and work through them in simplified ways, lifting them to a new echelon of volunteer skill and excellence.

During the week-long school experience, attendees will learn from industry experts in the areas of:

  • Governance
  • Safety and soundness
  • CEO oversight
  • Strategic planning
  • Board operations and development

CUNA Volunteer Certification School also gives volunteers the opportunity to become a Certified Credit Union Volunteer (CCUV) and earn their CUNA Board Financial Literacy Certificate. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) board requires that volunteer directors of federal credit unions meet or obtain minimum ability to read a credit union income statement and balance sheet. While the required level of financial literacy varies depending on the complexity of the credit union, CUNA Volunteer Certification School encompasses all requirements.


Questions? Contact Director of Outreach Programs Kasey Rockwell: 503.350.2217,

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