Honor a Credit Union Leader with a Summit Award Nomination

Each year, the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) honors credit union professionals and volunteers for their exemplary work and dedication in serving their members and the entire credit union community.

This year, the Northwest Credit Union Foundation (NWCUF) is proud to administer the Summit Awards, and honorees will be announced at this year’s Summit Dinner and Awards Event held at the 2012 NWCUA Convention and Annual Business Meeting. The deadline to apply or to nominate a colleague for recognition is July 13, 2012.

Anthem recently caught up with Rogue Federal Credit Union President and CEO Gene Pelham and Peninsula Federal Credit Union President and CEO Jim Morrell—two past winners of the Credit Union Professional of the Year Award—to discuss the importance of nominating leaders in the credit union movement for these prestigious awards and to gain insight into the impact this award has had on them and their careers.

Anthem: What has the award meant to you?

Pelham: It was a tremendous honor to receive the Summit Award. It is one of those defining moments in a career that I will remember fondly. I will use my recognition for this award as a personal challenge to constantly live up to the true meaning of the award as a credit union movement leader.

Morrell: The 2010 Credit Union Professional of the Year Award is one of the most significant recognitions I have received in my professional career. I was humbled to be identified and acknowledged by regional industry peers who know me the best.

Personally, I was able to recognize my grandfather, Elmer Anderson, who was a banker and a mentor teaching me how to serve other people. He passed away six months following my opportunity to dedicate this award to him. One year after he passed away, I was thrilled to accept my first CEO position at Peninsula Community Federal Credit Union. My grandfather’s family homesteaded on Bainbridge Island in the late 1800s, and a little over 30 years ago, he purchased a cabin in Shelton. This area of the state is where I now have the opportunity to ensure the relevance for credit unions at Peninsula Community FCU.

Anthem: Why you think the Summit Awards are important for our credit union community?

Morrell: Our work to benefit the financial lives of our members is something that should not be underestimated. We are responsible for the life savings of people who during good and challenging economic times rely on us to facilitate the financial aspect of their well being.

Pelham: There are so many folks in the credit union movement that are making an incredible difference with their members, their communities, and our region. These folks never seek out fame or glory, so these awards allow us (NWCUA) to hold up these outstanding individuals as a shining example of what is going right with credit unions and serve as a challenge for others to make a difference for our members, our communities, and the credit union movement.

Anthem: Why should credit union pros in the region nominate themselves or colleagues for the award?

Pelham: The only way that we can perpetuate the effectiveness of the great credit union leaders of our time is to highlight their accomplishments and let that serve as an example of how we can all make a difference!!

Morrell: One responsibility of leadership is to promote other individuals who are making contributions to our credit unions, the members and communities we serve.

The NWCUA invites you to take a moment to consider who among your peers is a shining example of philosophy, service and innovation within the Northwest credit union movement—and to consider nominating them for recognition. The deadline is July 13, 2012.

To nominate your colleague or to apply for a Summit Award, please visit the NWCUA Awards Program online.


Questions? Contact the NWCUA Awards Program: 800.995.9064, ext. 106; awards@nwcua.org.

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