Washington State Updates Format for Writs of Garnishment

If you have gotten a new writ of garnishment in the last few weeks you may have noticed that things have changed. This past year, legislation was passed that addressed garnishments generally and made several changes that do not affect credit unions.

The only change that does affect credit unions is in the contents of the garnishment writ. Under the old version of Washington state law, a writ of garnishment needed to be accompanied with four answer forms for the credit union to fill out and three stamped envelopes addressed to those the answer must be sent to.

Under the new law, only one answer form need be included, and there need not be any stamped envelopes. Note that the parties receiving the answer are the same. Your credit union will need to check the writ for instructions about who to send the answer to, and provide envelopes and postage for the sending.

The fee that the credit union receives has not changed.

The new law took effect on June 7, but the RCWs on the Washington website have not yet been updated. The provisions relevant to credit unions can be found in section 6 (page 16) of Substitute House Bill 1552.

Questions? Contact the Compliance Hotline: 1.800.546.4465, compliance@nwcua.org.

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