Foundation Scholarship Application Deadline Set for July 13

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation (NWCUF) is now offering scholarships for Cycle 2 of its professional development scholarship program, which includes events taking place between Aug. 1 and Dec. 31 of this year.

The program allows credit union staff to apply for funding to be utilized for continuing education purposes, and Cycle 2 includes the Northwest Credit Union Association’s (NWCUA’s) most significant yearly training event, the 2012 Convention and Annual Business Meeting, scheduled for Oct. 2-4 in Vancouver, Wash.

The theme of this year’s Convention is “Innovation, Action, Growth,” which ties into a widely held belief that the credit union movement has reached a strategic inflection point, a specific point in time at which credit unions must evolve as an industry in order to continue to grow and remain relevant.

John Lass, vice president of strategy and business development for CUNA Mutual Group, will discuss the many details of strategic inflection points as they relate to credit unions during a presentation at the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) Leadership Symposium in Portland, Ore., on June 21 entitled, “Building the Credit Union of the Future.”

“When you hit . . . a strategic inflection point, effectively what happens is that the nature of competition within a particular industry changes,” Lass said, “and the old ways of doing business tend to fall away and give way to the new ways of doing business. For individual businesses and, in some cases, the industry as a whole, when you hit a strategic inflection point or crossroad, the decisions that you make at that point determine whether you’re going to go on and rise to new levels of success or whether the business gradually fades away and goes into decline.”

This idea of credit unions being at a critical crossroads will permeate much of the discussion at Convention, as Dr. Neil Goldman will present the results of an NWCUA-funded study of credit union marketing efforts and opportunities, and other speakers will discuss the future of credit unions through topics such as changing payment systems and capitalizing on the cooperative model.

“This is a unique time in credit union history, and credit unions have a rare opportunity for growth right now,” said NWCUA Senior Director of Training and Development Nancy Pullen. “This year’s Convention theme reflects the belief of many of our keynote speakers that in order to grow in these changing times, credit unions will have to innovate—to strategize and find new ways of doing business—and then take action toward their new goals.”

Another annual highlight is the Convention trade show. Held in conjunction with the annual business meeting and convention, the trade show represents an opportunity for businesses and service providers to showcase products and services to the decision-makers of the credit unions in Washington and Oregon. The interactive setting allows for both education and networking, as attendees shop and explore the wide range of things available to support credit unions’ day-to-day operations and strategic objectives.

Registration information is available online. For additional information on creative sponsorships or ways opportunities to participate in the trade show, contact NWCUA’s Craig Reed at

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation provides professional development and ‘Quik-App’ scholarships for a variety of educational courses and credit union-related events to help ensure the strength of the Northwest credit union community. To apply for a professional development scholarship, visit the Foundation’s website. Cycle 2 scholarship recipients will be notified the week of July 30. 


Questions? Contact Foundation Development Associate Josalyn Alston: 206.340.4814,

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